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private My Little Pony: Friendship is Roleplaying (Full tabletop system beta testing)


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This is a fully-fledged tabletop role-playing game I made for MLP some time ago, but I never really had any bronies around me to play it with.


Many mechanics are similar to AD&D, 2nd Edition, but not all that much, honestly. (UPDATE: Not at all, now. The old systems have been replaced.) This is a much more role-playing heavy RPG than D&D ever was.


This game is set up for adventure, but it is not necessarily a dungeon-crawler, and it is discouraged to have that kind of system.


This game is designed for PMs (Pony Masters instead of Dungeon Masters) to create broad, sweeping stories in Equestria, with characters that have an active role in determining what goes on. A PM should not constrain the story, but still guide them along.


Still, there is a lot of stats and numbers in the game, which means that at maximum, I will be accepting six other players for this particular game.


I will wait to start until I have at least two additional players, I have more than that and a week has passed, or I reach the six-player quota.



If you are interested, post a reply indicating that interest. All game materials are included in the attachment to this post. (Yes, the system is free, and I do not have any annoying ads or Patreon links. This was made purely for fun.)


When you are ready, please read the Player's Handbook, filling out the character sheet as you go. Please be honest with all dice rolls. Roleplaying is a lot more fun when flawed characters are around.


Once you are done with the sheets, please send a picture (or screenshot) to me, the PM for this first adventure. If you cannot do that in any form, please just send me the data for each entry.


I also ask you not to read the Pony Master's Manual, unless you are starting a new game in a separate thread. It contains some things that only the PM should really know.


Speaking of that, anyone is welcome to use this system in any group they want. I simply ask that you send me any feedback or balance issues that you may find, or any confusing segments.


Keep in mind that the PM has the right to refuse any backstory of a character if it is too outlandish or if it seems like the player is just trying to get good stats.


While it is unlikely, players suspected of cheating on their dice rolls may be required to surrender such rolls to the PM, as it is impossible to verify such rolls, as would be possible if we were playing in-person.



In this particular adventure, I will have a character as well, as I would like to be able to test the mechanics from a personal perspective.


While I have a story in mind for this adventure, feel free to submit story ideas when you post showing your interest. They may become future games, or even replace the one I currently have, if they are good enough.


Edit: Updated version now available! Now includes other races and an entirely new combat system, to replace the one stolen from AD&D Second Edition. (The new version is more realistic for real combat.)





EDIT 2/24/17: We are full on players for this first scenario. You are welcome to start your own thread with the same system, of course. (PM me for advice on how to do this.)


Also, if you want to help out with testing, you can follow along in this thread, messaging me with any advice or potential problems that you notice. IMPORTANT: PM me only, if you plan to do this. This thread is for the game, not feedback on the game.

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I would like to play!! It looks great!

Are you still interested? I finally got another player, who may also bring a friend (Unless you happen to be the friend ProbablyNotLyra was talking about).



It will take a few days to set up properly, and I will be releasing a new version very soon that will completely revamp the battle system into a completely original, more realistic version, and also include the playable races of griffon and seapony. (Those are hard to play, though, and unless you absolutely must have one of those, I would suggest you pick another tribe, as we already have one griffon in the group, and one seapony (but the other characters won't know that). Mostly for balancing and testing purposes.


Still, if you really want, I am fine with you picking any race that is currently playable. (Changelings may come in the future, but those are even harder than griffons to balance properly.)


Let me know as soon as possible if you still are "in." If it comes time to play, and you aren't there, we might start without you. However, if there is still room in the party, it is possible to add you in if it has been short enough of a time where you wouldn't be so far behind.


If you are interested, then please send me the backstory of your character as soon as possible. This will help for both my story writing and preparation for the unique advantage/disadvantage modifiers that could be applied.


And remember, the actual roleplaying should always take precedence over any statistical advantages. A flawed character is always the most fun to play.


The updated character sheets should come out soon, so when they do, I will notify you and ProbablyNotLyra, so you can make the character (if you are still interested, that is.)

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Formatting Guidelines for Play


Dialogue and basic actions: Normal, basic text. Should be written in third person, novel-like narration. (Message me if this is uncomfortable for you - I accept alternatives.) Internal thoughts that you feel the PM should know should be italicized. While this may seem unnecessary, it is very useful, as I will often reward players for ingenuity or creativity, and such actions may have a higher chance of success. (Think of it as narrative causality. The universe just seems to pay more attention to it.)


Direct actions that may require a die roll: This signals to me the actions that I need to pay the most close attention to. I will either instruct you on which dice to roll for a specific action, or if you already know which dice to roll, roll them yourself, writing down which dice you used and what value you got in small, plain text.

This may be either done in third person, like the dialogue, or it can also be done in the classic "I climb the mirror" format.

I will use bold, underlined text to let you know whether such an action was successful, and if not, what happened as a result.


Bold statements: You should use bold text when asking direct questions for me that have relevance to the specific situation. (General questions can be asked in a personal message, like usual. That makes sure the gameplay is not disrupted.) My reply will also be in bold.



If you find any situation that is not covered by these formats, just improvise. I will edit this post accordingly.











Prisma grumbled softly to herself. Stupid desert.


Aurora looked back at her companion. "Hm? Is something wrong?"


"What? Oh, no. I just hope that map of yours is more accurate than I thought. I'm starting to run out of drinking water."


Aurora rolled her eyes, but smiled anyway. "You can always have some of mine. Celestia knows, you need it more than I do. Are you ever not thirsty? Besides, towns are pretty important to get accurate, Pria. I'm sure the map has Appleoosa right where it's supposed to be."


"All right, all right. Anyway, I forgot. Why were we going there again?"


"Well, neither of us has been there before, so I thought it might be fun to check out. Besides, didn't you want to finish that map of yours?"


Prisma looked back into her saddlebags, levitating the piece of parchment out of it. She made a few referential markings. "Yeah, but like you said, this is a rather well-documented area. I don't really want to make a map that already exists. I want to go somewhere that isn't mapped out already."


Aurora smiled. "Then I think you're going to like the plan. I mean, Appleoosa will be fun to visit, but really, it is not my main priority. It is simply a nice stop to resupply."


Prisma groaned. "Not more desert?"


She chuckled. "No, not really. There will be a little more, but I had a few ideas for some fun adventures. For example, did you know that in the Everfree Forest, there is an old ruin of a city? Apparently, it used to be Equestria's capital city thousands of years ago!"


"The Everfree Forest? Isn't that... you know... dangerous?"


"Well, that's why I wanted to approach it from this side. It's supposedly a lot closer to the actual city. Barely any forest at all."


"...All right. That seems okay."


"I have some other ideas, too. Like exploring the Badlands. But we can discuss those once we get there and can rest."


"Another desert?"


Aurora chuckled. "Not really. A desert of a different kind. Not the hot and dry kind, but we will need to pack food along with. There's some water around, but not really any grass or anything like that."


Prisma looked forward again. "Oh, hey! There's the town!" She looked back at her map. "Huh. That is pretty accurate. So where do we go next."


"We should probably find some place to stay." Aurora looked along the single, wide street that led through the town. A single storefront caught her eye. "The Rusty Cantaloupe..." She burst out laughing. "Well, at least ponies will remember it."


She turned towards her companion. "Well, I guess we found our place."


They stepped inside.


Well, this should be interesting.



(Aside: You do not have to be this in-depth about your introduction, but it does make it a bit more fun if you do so. It also gives me a feel for the personality of your character. Additionally, feel free to introduce places, and things like that, if I have not already done so. While I can veto such additions, I most likely won't, and it can be fun to do so. Also, don't feel rushed to start instantly. Take all the time you need.) 

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I might be interested - still reading through the player handbook. A couple of questions, though - first, what would be the degree of seriousness to this game - as in, how true to form {if not canon, obviously} would it be to the show itself? Second, what would be the pace of the thread itself? I might be able to post about once a day, given my life schedule.

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"You almost done with this batch?" An earth pony called out to the griffon flying above the trees.


"Almost done, give me a sec!" the griffon called back, picking a few apples off the top of the trees, the ones too stubborn to fall off from the applebucks of the pony workers. After collecting them all into baskets hung on his body, he flew down and emptied the apples into a cart, landing next to it and slipping his normal saddlebags on.


"There ya go, all down." The griffon said, tightening the rags around his limbs.


"Good job Mirage, it would be a pain getting those without you." The earth pony said, trotting up to the griffon.


"No problem Caramel, It's pretty easy to grab them for me." Mirage replied, stretching out his wings and back legs.


"Well, I'm gonna head over to the inn. You can come with me if you want." He gestured back to the town, at the rustic inn.


"Sorry Mirage, I've got a bit more work to do. You go on ahead, I'll be there later, if I can" Caramel gave a friendly smile and waved goodbye, heading further into the orchard.


Mirage sighed and started walking back toward the town, checking his bags to see if he had enough bits. Satisfied he had enough, he nodded his head to himself, before noticing a new unicorn and earth pony walking into the inn. He couldn't help himself as he stared at the unicorn's horn, slightly intrigued. Magic always interested him, even if it was difficult for him to use. He stepped up to the doors after the pair of new ponies walked in, and stepped in after them. Tourists.. wonder what they want here.

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Aurora walked over to the bar, getting the attention of what was apparently the owner of the establishment.


"One room for the two of us," she said, gesturing to herself and Prisma.


"That will be seven bits, please."


Prisma looked at her friend, slightly worried, and reached for her saddlebags. Aurora waved her off.


"No, I'll cover it." She turned towards the bartender. "Here you go."


Paid 7 bits - remainder 43


"All right," the tan pegasus said. "You're good to go. Is there anything else you would like, or were you just stopping by for the accommodations?"


Aurora glanced around the room. It was a nice place. The dark wooden paneling was of a high quality, and while there were quite a few ponies sitting down at tables, it was by no means noisy.


"...Yeah. We already ate, but... just some apple cider would be nice."


Aurora: Paid 1 bit - remainder 42


Prisma: Paid 1 bit - remainder 19*


Prisma closed up her saddlebag, then looked curiously at the person who had just entered. Her mother had told her about griffons, but she had never actually seen one before. She smiled softly. They looked different, but... familiar in a way that escaped her.


He noticed her, though, and she quickly looked back at her bags, unconsciously moving back behind Aurora, who had started to move towards an empty table.


(*I lowered the funds for Prisma, as I realized it didn't make sense for her to have much at all.)


(This segment is short so that there is an opportunity for Mirage to react to the situation. This is not necessary - if Mirage does not feel that a response is needed, just say something to that effect, and the scene will continue. In general, a scene can just be "this character did not react to said situation," and it will be perfectly valid.)

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As Mirage walked in, he softly ruffled his feathers and looked around. He caught sight of the pair of new ponies, and thought he saw the unicorn smiling at him, but quickly dismissed it as something he imagined as she walked behind her friend. Curious to find out more about the pair, he walked up to the bartender as they walked away.


"I'll have just an apple cider, please." He asked, glancing over as the pair sat down at an empty table.


"Sure, I'd be happy to give you one.. as soon as you pay for your last one." The bartender responded good-naturedly, smirking slightly.


Oh crap, I forgot about that..


Cringing a bit, he focused on the pony running the bar and smiled. "Sure thing, I've got the bits right here!" Mirage pulled out a few bits from his saddlebag and tossed them to the pegasus, who in turn handed him the drink.


Mirage paid 3 bits- Remainder 57


"Next time, just pay up front.." The bartender mumbled to himself, walking away to other ponies.


Mirage took a sip of his drink, and walked over to a table near the new ponies, deciding on whether or not he should talk to them.

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/* Not part of scenario

I might be interested - still reading through the player handbook. A couple of questions, though - first, what would be the degree of seriousness to this game - as in, how true to form {if not canon, obviously} would it be to the show itself? Second, what would be the pace of the thread itself? I might be able to post about once a day, given my life schedule.

The amount of closeness to canon in the show largely depends on the particular scenario. However, it contains mechanics that do not currently exist in canon. For example, it contains gryphonic magic, a mechanic for an alternate version of alicorn ascension, and playable seapony characters.

In this particular scenario, griffons are different from canon, following more closely to previous fan interpretations.


Earth pony magic is very flexible, as much of it is talent-based. Some of it can vary significantly from the show. For example, one of my characters in this scenario has a talent for healing magic.

The pace is pretty flexible, in general. Most of the time, it should be fine if you only post once per day. A lot of the content will be dialogue between the different characters, and we can have conversations even if you can't post immediately.

In the worst case scenario, if a battle is taking far too long, and is becoming boring or drawn-out, I may either ask you for your next 5 turns or so of attacks/die rolls, and take over for the time where you can't be there.

Our own schedule is about 1-2 times per day right now, anyway. Don't worry.

The last thing to mention is that this game, while it has a lot of tables and numbers, is a lot more focused on characters and roleplaying as them rather than just exploring or battle statistics.

Also, I almost guarantee that your character will seem incredibly mediocre when you first make it. Don't worry - those stats will change with time and experience.

If you decide to join, the first thing I need is your backstory (make it as detailed as possible - I use it to alter the necessary things in your character sheet. The next thing I need is your filled-out character sheet, or at least a scan or photo of it. I will modify the correct things and send it back.

Thank you for your interest! If you are fast, you will make it in time for the first introductions. If not, you may have to wait a bit for me to engineer a meeting time/place.


Story Resume */








"I mean, the third option I was thinking of was a little further away, but I think it should take about the same amount of time to get to. We could take a ferry down the river into Horseshoe Bay. I heard that somewhere south is the lost city-"


Aurora paused, glancing at her friend, who did not seem to be paying attention. She turned, looking at what Prisma seemed to think was so interesting-


"Pria, don't stare at the griffon. He probably gets those kinds of stares way too often. Imagine if you got stared at everywhere you went."


She looked down at the table, guiltily. "Oh. Yeah, I wouldn't like that very much either."


Understatement of the century.


"They just look so... I don't know... cool?"


Aurora opened her mouth in surprise, then closed it again, smiling. She shook her head, chuckling a bit. "I should have known... why did I ever think you would respond like those unicorns in Canterlot? You accepted me, after all."


Prisma looked confused. "Why shouldn't I have?"


Aurora waved a hoof. "No, you didn't do anything wrong. Just... even after thousands of years, ponies still look down on each other for being a different race. Now that I'm away from Canterlot, though, it's now seeming like that is a lot more common among the nobility than anywhere else."


Prisma's face darkened slightly. "No, that kind of thing happens everywhere. But mostly to non-ponies. Now I feel guilty for staring at him like that. He probably gets it a lot."


Aurora turned thoughtful. "I do wonder what he's doing here, though. The bartender seemed to know him well, so it seems like he lives here. Or just visits here a lot. And we are far from the Gryphonic borders."


Prisma stepped off her chair. "You know what? I've had enough. I'm going to go over there and apologize."


Aurora stared blankly at her as she approached the table next to theirs. Her mouth hung slightly open. Prisma, actually going out of her way to talk with another... person? She was one of the most shy ponies she had encountered.


This was new.

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As Mirage took a seat with his drink, he overhead the green earth pony talk about different places and where they were going. He had heard much of the same type of talk from traveling merchants, and tourists, but he didn't see much that these two ponies would be able to sell, so he decided they must be tourists.


Wait.. If they're tourists..


Mirage stiffened, all his muscles tense. Unicorn or not, he didn't want to be near any snobby tourists that treated him like an exotic animal.. even though that's what he kind of was. He turned to look over at them, ready to get up, when he saw that the unicorn was now walking toward him.


Great. I can't leave now..


He tried to relax in his seat, mentally bracing himself for the ridicule that often came from ponies who had never seen a griffon, or viewed them as lesser beings.

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Prisma nervously approached the griffon, pushing herself to speak.


"Um, I'm really sorry, sir, about earlier. I guess I was storing at you, and... even though I haven't really seen a griffon before, it was really rude of me. I understand what that's like, and... um... I'm sorry."


She looked down at her hooves.

(Aside: if you brohoof the post, like you did with my first one, it notifies me. Otherwise, I have to navigate to this page each time I go and check. Unlike the personal messages.)

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Mirage sat there, a little stunned. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it, not thinking of anything to say. He sat silent for a few seconds, before realizing what had happened.


"Um... thank you?" He replied, slightly puzzled. He took a closer look at the unicorn, and she seemed to be sincere enough.


"My name's Mirage. What's yours?" The griffon said as he put down his cup of cider, and held out his claw for a hand/hoof shake. The bluish unicorn was rather cute up close, and had a calm, shy look about her. But more importantly, she didn't look at all like a Canterlot unicorn. Happy with this, he relaxed more.

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Prisma looked up, surprised, and reached out to shake his proffered claw.


"Oh, um... My name is Prisma. It's nice to meet you, Mirage."


She looked behind herself. "I'm traveling with my friend Aurora over there."


She turned back. "Would... would you like to join us?" she asked, a bit nervously, yet glad as Mirage seemed to relax.




Aurora watched their conversation curiously. For as long as they had been friends, Pria had never seemed so... determined to do something before.





(Aside: Just to let you know, I am not trying to intentionally set up a romantic interaction between Prisma and Mirage. I mean, technically, something like that could develop, but right now, it's mostly a mix of being determined to fix her own mistake, and seeing another person that, like her, has a bit of difficulty fitting in. And maybe a tiny bit of attraction. But of course, Mirage doesn't know that, so if you want him to react to her "cues," that is up to you. But I don't want to pressure you unintentionally.


Of course, if you didn't notice any of that, and am wondering what I'm talking about... oops? I read things into what you said.


No matter what, just continue roleplaying the characters like they would react normally, and we get to see what happens! I honestly have no idea. Which makes it more fun.  :please: )

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"Prisma? Nice name." He smiled, trying to reassure her.


"Maybe. It depends on where you're going." Mirage turned to grab his drink, then faced her again.


"You mind if I take a seat with you and your friend and talk about it?" He gestured toward the other pony with a claw.

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(I'm a bit confused at the middle line. Who is saying this one? (If it is supposed to be Prisma, then could you explain why in parentheses below?) It makes it easier to reply and stuff. And don't be afraid just to respond with a single line. The posts don't have to be that long.)

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"Yeah, that would be nice. Hey, Aurora, you don't mind if Mirage here sits with us, do you?"


"Um, sure? I don't see why not," she said, still a bit confused at her friend's "outgoing" behavior.

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Aurora smiled back genuinely, clearing her head of her previous confusion. "Oh, well, that really kind of depends. I kind of had several different places in mind, but we're sort of just exploring. Pria here is a cartographer, but really, I'm just here to see mew places. We mostly just stopped by here in Appleoosa, well, some of it was because neither of us had been here before, but it just happened to be in a sort of midpoint between the possibilities.


"Well, the main places I was thinking would either be the Everfree Ruins or poking around in the Badlands. Places most ponies don't really go anymore. I thought of a third option a while ago, but it wouldn't really be fair to Pria, since she's already mapped out most of that area. But I thought after traveling to the Badlands, we might try to go a bit south of Horseshoe Bay. I heard rumors that that might be where the lost city of Aquantis might be located."


Prisma's eyes widened, and her breathing became very mechanical. "Yeah... I've already mapped out near there. We should probably go somewhere else first."

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"The Everfree and Badlands, huh? Those places are a bit dangerous.." He sized up the two ponies, not seeing much in the way of weapons or protection.


"No offense, but you two don't look exactly... Threatening." Mirage said, grinning slightly while gesturing at there simple saddlebags and lack of obvious weaponry.


"Well, if you wouldn't mind me coming, I'd be happy to travel with you. I've kinda been stuck here in Appleoosa ever since arriving, and I've only ever seen a few other big cities. Getting out and travelling would be fun. And I'm pretty sure I could do a decent job giving you some protection from any nasty things from the Everfree or the Badlands. How tough could they be?" He smiled wide, showing confidence. And I wouldn't mind getting to know Prisma more..

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Aurora looked herself and Prisma over again, embarrassed. She rubbed the back of her head with a hoof. "Oh, yeah. I guess I was counting a bit too much on luck getting us through... Only if you really want to, though. We don't want to drag you away from anything."


Prisma placed a comforting hoof on Aurora's back. "It's all right. I..."


Her mind drifted to her own concealed weapon. "I didn't think of that, either."


She looked back up to Mirage. "And we'd love to have you along. You've been nothing but nice this entire time."

(Here's a kind of concept sketch for Prisma. (It's kind of ironic that I drew the seapony as a unicorn, and drew the earth pony as a seapony.))



(The legs are a bit smaller than usual, and the tail is minimal - on purpose. Those are the parts she had to transform, and she isn't a biologist.)

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The griffon looked back at the door, outside. He sighed softly and turned to face them again.


"No, you wouldn't be dragging me away. Truth is, I always planned to leave sooner or later. Guess I just didn't know when I should. This seems like a good time, though."


He waved his hand in the air, saying "Besides, I couldn't let two lovely mares like yourselves get hurt out there, could I? That would be just plain rude." He grinned at them both.


"So, when do you two plan on heading out?" He asked, wondering if they where staying for a few days or just the night.

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"Well, we were planning on leaving sometime in the morning, maybe after getting some supplies. Whether we decide on the Badlands or the Everfree, there might not be food just laying around.


"Besides, at least from what I heard, griffons don't find grass all that appetizing."


Prisma stuck out her tongue. "To be honest, neither do I."


Aurora rolled her eyes. "When I first met you, you were eating seaweed. At most, grass is just bland."


She huffed. "Well, seaweed is only terrible if you dry it out and put an ungodly amount of salt on it, like you ponies like to do all the time. No wonder you hate it."



(Yes, Prisma slipped up there with the "you ponies" remark. Aurora didn't notice it, since it is a common phrase in Canterlot to refer to a group of others that do not have your particular preference. Also, yes, a seapony is a kind of pony, but they are so separated, "ponies" are often just thought of as grounders.


Also, I don't think Mirage would really call her out on it at this point, since they are just getting to know each other. But if he notices it, I do think it would cause suspicion. If you think he would call it out, though, you are free to go down that path. As I said before, this story is very flexible.)

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Mirage grimaced at the idea of eating grass, and turned a little green at the mention of seaweed. While his diet wasn't only meat, he definitely didn't want to resort to eating any of that stuff. Pulling an apple from his saddlebags, he carved a tiny smile into it and set it on the table.


"How about we all agree apples are the best?" He said, smiling as well.


"Speaking of apples, I know where you can stock up on some for our trip, provided you want them. Appleoosa really doesn't have to much besides apples, hence 'Apple'oosa." He shrugged his shoulders and put the apple back into his bag.


"Even if they really only have on thing, they make some good stuff with it. Apple pie, apple cider, apple jelly, apple cobbler, apple strudels, caramel apples..." He listed off all the apple related things to get, counting on his claws.

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