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I made this series of graphs (click here to get the full version)

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last week, in order to get a more comprehensive understanding of what people liked in Fan-Fiction on Equestria Daily. The reason for this is so that I can have my next fanfic work liked by the most people, tailoring nuances to the majority. I then released the information to the public since people like this stuff most of the time.


However oftentimes it seems my desire to have this sort of information, is quite lacking.


Sure, it's great to know that [as of May 1st] Pinkie Pie/Rainbow Dash is the most popular shipping, and 44% of all approved fics on EqD have Twilight Sparkle in them, but stats could be so much more helpful if only there were some kind of collectivized source of it all.


We can estimate some of it, sure: majority of bronies are male, and they are probably in the order of one million or more in total.


But I want more precision and more detail!

Globally, what is the average age of a male Brony?

What is the single most-viewed episode ever, since Season 1 Premiere?

Are the majority of fics on,, DeviantArt or GoogleDocs?

Do most people who read fan-fictions assume Big Macintosh is a soft-spoken stud or a recluse?

How many people actually are anticipating a return of The Great and Powerful Trixie?

How many people think Season 2 pandered far too much to the fans?

How many people think Season 2 was a vast improvement on Season 1?


Now granted, a website that would essentially be Facebook minus everything except surveys would be A. Very complicated to code and run

B. Only sort-of useful to fans

C. Unless granted a very very very large user-ship by the majority of Bronies, be heavily biased by the groups it is advertised to (Equestria Daily bronies, DeviantArtisians, MLPForumites, those who frequent Poniboru or Ponychan or 4chan etc.)

D. Because of large user-ship and complicated coding: Expensive


I imagine that it's only good usage would be detailed demographic information to fan-fic authors as well as the makers of the show themselves (whenever it would be that they decide to pander to the audience in such a way that it's the most favored or least objectionable). That or ammo for forum arguments. But would it be worth it?

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I've tackled a few fanfics in my time, with me losing the majority of them when my laptop was stolen. Me being the analytical person that I am, I appreciate information like this. Sadly, I won't be able to write anything recent for some time. However, if I may ask, why are you wanting to tailor to the majority? Is it popularity, wanting to please the most people possible? Just curious.

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Is it popularity, wanting to please the most people possible? Just curious.


I suppose.

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