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Regal Shadow

Regal Shadow's backstory. (Improved)

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I changed a few things in Regal's backstory. (Mostly at the end.)

Here is the new story:


Regal Shadow

Regal Shadow grew up in an area between Ponyville, and the Everfree Forest. There, he lived in a fancy house with his parents; Crystal and Silver Stone.

               Silver was the owner of a large chemical company, and was usually very busy. Because of this, Regal almost never saw his father. 

               Occasionally, Silver would take some time from work, and spend it with his family.  During this time, he would ask Regal about his plans for the future. Regal always answered that he wasn’t sure. To him, it didn’t matter.

               One afternoon, Silver took some time off of work to have an important talk with his son. This time, he wasn’t going to let Regal say one of his normal answers.

               For weeks, he had searched for something Regal could pursue, and he had finally found it! Silver had noticed that Regal had unusually strong magic for a young unicorn, and so he found a special school to help him magnify his abilities. A school for gifted unicorns.

               As Regal talked with his father, he expected to have the usual conversation, but he never expected what came next!

               His dad told him that he had found something that he wanted Regal to do. He then pulled out an application for Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns!

               Regal listened to his father as he explained all the great things he could be doing. But as the conversation progressed, Regal started to feel overwhelmed and inadequate. He felt that he wasn’t special enough to attend a school for “gifted unicorns”.

               For years, the other young ponies cruelly teased Regal for not having a cutie-mark. If regular ponies said such mean things, what would truly gifted unicorns think of him? What would they say? The thought of failure in-front of such unicorns frightened Regal enough that he didn’t even want to try.

               After Silver finished explaining, he handed the application to Regal and asked if he wanted to attend the school. As Regal pondered the question, feelings of self-doubt filled his mind. His judgement was clouded by a thick fog of memories.Regal could remember many occasions, in which ponies had said hurtful things to him. This caused his emotion to change from doubt, to anger!

               Suddenly, Regal crumpled the application in a ball, and through it on the ground! He then ran to his bedroom and shouted, “I’m not gifted at anything!”  before slamming his door closed. Regal spent the rest of the evening in his room, where his memories continued to plague his mind.


               The next morning, Regal awoke to an unusual silence. As expected, his dad was gone at work, but something was different today. His mom was gone too!

               He tried to think of why his mother might have left, but he just couldn’t think of a good reason. As Regal thought, he slowly made his way to the kitchen.

               When he got there, he was surprised to find a note laying on the table. Regal’s heart raced as his eyes scanned the note.



            I am going with your father to work today. Some inventors want to show him one of their new creations that they believe could help his business. Your father wanted me to help him decide if he should t partner with these inventors. We are at a place called “Vortex Inventions” in Ponyville, if you need us.

We love you Regal, Have a great day!



As Regal starred at the note, he vaguely remembered his father talking about these inventors. He remembered hearing about a genius invention that could improve his business. One that would change Equestria forever!

               This made Regal curious. What was this strange invention, and why would it change Equestria forever? After a while, Regal’s curiosity convinced him to sneak into Vortex Inventions, and find out what this thing really was!

               As Regal prepared to enter the building adrenalin rushed through his small body! He was really going to see the brilliant invention that his dad had been talking about for months! Regal gathered some courage, before rushing into the large inventing workshop.

               Inside was a maze of hallways with doors lining the walls. Regal couldn’t see what was in the rooms, but strange noises coming from them made him less eager to find out.

               After what felt like forever, Regal began to regret coming. There were so many rooms, but which room were his parents in?

Finally, after a few hours of hopeless searching, Regal gave up. He made his way out of the building, and began his long walk home.

               When suddenly, he saw a huge explosion coming from the building he had just exited! Without thinking, Regal rushed back in, towards the direction of the explosion!

               To his surprise, Regal did find his parents, but not in the way he had hoped. The ceiling had collapsed, and was blocking the entrance to a large room. The room was ablaze with tall flames. Regal’s mom looked badly injured and was trying to lift silver, who was unconscious on the floor.

               Panicking, Regal ran to his mother’s side and attempted to help lift his father. He thought that he couldn’t possibly be of any help to his mother, but after sincerely trying his best, he noticed that he did have strong magic for his age.

               His discovery gave Regal enough confidence to help his mother carry Silver out of the building, where he would be safe.

               Regal was now ready to go home, until he remembered something he had seen before he found his parents. He remembered briefly seeing the back of a young, blue Pegasus. He was still in there! Regal knew it, and he knew what he had to do!

 Regal gathered all the courage he possibly could, before rushing into what was now a fiery inferno!

               He frantically searched the long halls for the young colt he had seen a glimpse of before. But to his alarm, he could no longer find the area he had seen the Pegasus.The halls were covered in a cloud of thick smoke, which made it nearly impossible to see!

               Finally, Regal saw a small blue tail poking out from around the corner. It was the Pegasus he had seen before, and he was lying motionless on the ground! Regal had found him! But he wasn’t done yet. Regal still needed to get himself and the pegasus out safely.

               Regal grabbed the young pegasus and ran for the exit as fast as he could. He was strong, but carrying a pegasus not much smaller than him the whole way soon became impossible. So Regal had to start dragging the colt instead.

               As he slowly dragged the pegasus across the floor, he heard a loud cracking sound. The fire had gotten out of control, and was now destroying the building’s support beams!

               Regal desperately tried to find a way out, but then he realized that he didn’t have time to search. The building was falling apart!

               He dodged falling debris as he dragged the pegasus to what he knew had to be a way out.

                As Regal got to where the door had previously been, he saw that it was now blocked by fallen wreckage! They were trapped inside!

               Now realizing that they were out of time, Regal did the only thing he could think of. He used his magic to direct a falling beam into the wall, smashing it open! He then used the rest of his strength to jump through the hole in the wall carrying the pegasus with him.

               Immediately after, the house exploded, throwing Regal and his new friend across the yard. In pain, Regal looked over to see the young pegasus unconscious beside him.

               He then looked up to see his parents, before his strength gave out, and he too fell unconscious.

A while later, Regal awoke in bed. The sun shone directly on his face through a large window beside him.

               Confused, he looked around for any sign of the young pegasus, but he was nowhere to be found. This made Regal wonder if the whole experience had been a nightmare. But when attempting to get out of bed, large scrapes and bruises on his legs and forehead proved otherwise.

               When suddenly, Regal realized where he was. He was in the hospital! But where was the blue pegasus? Regal wanted to make sure that his new friend was safe, but even more, he wanted to find out what had caused the fire to start in the first place.

               So finally, he decided to leave his room in search of his mysterious blue friend!

When Regal got to the front desk, he asked the pony sitting there if he could see a young pegasus. The nice pony replied, “Oh, do you mean Cyber Vortex?” Regal didn’t know how to respond, because he didn’t actually know the name of the pegasus he was looking for. 

               He simply responded, “Yes, that’s the one.” He was then kindly escorted to a small room similar to his. Starting to feel embarrassed, Regal hoped he was in the right place. Asleep In the hospital bed, was a young, blue pegasus. Cyber was the pegasus he had saved. As Regal gave a sigh of relief, a nurse walked into the room. She softly shook Cyber until he woke up.

               She then pointed to Regal, and said, “Cyber, you have a visitor.” Cyber sat up in his bed as the nurse walked out of the room. He stared intently at Regal, before casually turning his head.

               “Hi Cyber.” Regal started. “My name is Regal Shadow.” Cyber briefly looked at Regal, before returning his gaze to the window.

                “What do you want?” Cyber muttered. He turned his back to Regal, showing his disinterest.

               “I want to meet the pegasus that I saved!” Regal said proudly. He puffed his chest out, trying to look as heroic as possible.

               “You saved me?” said Cyber in disbelief. His emotion seemed to change form annoyance to confusion. “But how did you know I was in the building?”

               “My parents were in that building when I saw the explosion from outside.” Then Regal glanced at Cyber as he continued, “When I was helping my parents out, I saw you laying on the floor.I couldn’t forgive myself if I left you in that burning building.”  Regal paused, “I wouldn’t forgive myself!” he firmly said. “So I went back.”

               Just then, Regal remembered why he’d come. To get answers! Cyber smiled slightly, and turned to face Regal.

“So Cyber.” Regal started, “What caused that explosion anyway?” Cyber’s smile faded as he spoke.

               “Well…” he said hesitantly, “My parents were brilliant inventors. They loved creating new things to help make Equestria a better place.”  Cyber paused briefly before continuing, “They’d been working on a project for your parents for a long time now. And they had finally finished it.”

               “What was it?” Regal rushed. He could hardly contain his excitement.

                              “I’m getting to it!” Cyber snapped. “They had been working on an invention that could allow the user to open a portal to anywhere in Equestria!” Cyber’s bed squeaked as he leaned forward. “You could go anywhere, in just a few seconds!” Regal’s eyes lit up. A device like that could definitely change Equestria forever!

               “That sounds great.” Regal exclaimed. “So what went wrong?”

               “My parents wanted to make sure that the device was working properly, so they had me show your parents some of our other inventions while they tested it.” Cyber looked down at the floor, trying to conceal his grief. “When your father reached to open the door…” He paused to keep himself form crying.

               “What happened?” Regal shouted. He just had to know!

               “The device exploded, okay!”Tears started to for in Cyber’s eyes ashe continued, “Your parents and I were thrown from the room. I saw it collapse before I hit the floor.”“That was the last thing I remember.” Cyber mumbled.

               “Oh, I’m very sorry.” Regal said with a sad tone.

                Suddenly, the room was silent except for Cyber’s quiet whimpering.

After a few minutes of silence, Regal began to feel uncomfortable.

“Well Cyber, it was nice to…”

               Just then, Regal was interrupted by the door swinging open. As he turned around, a nurse walked in holing a clipboard. She looked at Cyber, and then at her clipboard.

               “Cyber needs his rest.” the nurse said calmly, as she pointed Regal to the door.

               But before Regal could leave the room, Cyber shouted, “Regal, why did you save me?” Regal paused for a second, before turning to face Cyber.

               Smiling, he exclaimed, “Because, I don’t leave anypony behind!”



               Eventually, Regal and Cyber healed enough to leave the hospital. Because cyber was now an orphan, he was taken in by the Shadows, who treated him like family.

               Overtime, Cyber and Regal became best friends!  After a while, they built a clubhouse in Regal’s favorite spot. It was a beautiful area in the Everfree forest, which had two large waterfalls. It was the perfect spot for a clubhouse! The two friends did everything there. Cyber even taught Regal everything he knew about inventing!

               But one thing that he couldn’t teach Regal to do was fly. Regal was a unicorn, and didn’t have wings. This really bothered Cyber, so he promised Regal he would invent something to change that!

               Cyber spent many afternoons in their clubhouse, trying to create something to make Regal fly. But no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get it right.

               Day after day he worked on his project, until finally, he did it! He had made a full mechanical suit for Regal. It was black with a glowing green stripe down the side. It had a powerful thruster to get him off the ground, and large metal wings to keep him in the air.

               Now Regal and Cyber could even fly together. Everything was perfect!


A While later…

“Hurry up, Regal!” Cyber shouted impatiently. “We don’t have all day!”

               “I’m going as fast as I can.” Regal replied as he opened the door to their clubhouse. He quickly ran to the back, where he pulled open a secret hatch. “Got it!” Regal called, as he pulled his flight suit from the wall.

               “Let’s go!” chimed Cyber. He flew in circles as he watched Regal suit up.

“Okay” said Regal. “I’m ready!”

               “Uh, aren’t you forgetting something.” Cyber asked, pointing to a black shaded helmet.

“Nah.” said Regal. He waved his hoof in Cyber’s direction. “I want everypony to see my face as I speed by!”

               “Whatever.” said Cyber. “As long as you can keep up with me, its fine.”

“Ha!” Regal laughed. “You’re the one who needs to keep up!” His suit shone in the sun as he shot into the air.

               “Hey, wait up!” Cyber shouted as he hurried to catch up.

               The two friends raced through the Everfree forest, making their way into Ponyville. They chased each other over fields and around houses, until suddenly Cyber unexpectedly stopped.

               “Why’d you stop?” Regal asked. He smiled arrogantly at Cyber. “Oh, I see. You need a break.”

Cyber didn’t respond.

               “Wait a minute…” Regal paused. He looked down to see a large charred building. “Isn’t…uh… well, wasn’t that your parent’s workshop?”

               “Yes.” Cyber responded in a melancholy voice. As Cyber turned to face Regal, something from the ground shone in his face. “Hey, there’s something down there!” he shouted.

“What?” gasped Regal. “I thought everything was destroyed in the fire?”

               “I thought so too.” started Cyber. “Until I saw that.” He pointed to a small object shimmering in the sun.

“What are we waiting here for?” Regal joked. “Let’s go get…uh, whatever that is!”


               When they got to the ground, Cyber rushed to the object. He was surprised to find a small silver box, with a crimson jewel in the center. “But this can’t be.” Cyber stammered.

               “Why not?” Regal said with a confused look. To him, it was nothing more than a hunk of metal.

Cyber picked up the box and slowly turned to face Regal. “This is the invention that my parents made for your dad’s company.” He stared down the box he was holding. “But how did it survive the fire? I mean, it blew up!”

               “Who cares!” Regal shouted. “As long as we have the invention, it doesn’t matter.” Regal looked at the box, and then up into the sky. “Where should we go?” He mumbled.  Regal thought for a moment.

               “Maybe Canterlot, or the Crystal Empire…Ooh, Manehattan, I’ve always wanted to go there!”

“Regal, what are you talking about?” Cyber blurted.

               “Trying to decide where we will go to test the invention. What else?” Regal said with excitement. His face glowed with anticipation.

               “Well Regal, we won’t need to decide.” Cyber said as he examined the box.

“What do you mean?” Regal replied.

               “I mean that this invention is broken!” Cyber yelled. “So we won’t be going anywhere.”

“Oh, okay.” Regal said as he kicked his hoof through the dirt. “Um… do you think you could, I don’t know, fix it?”

               Cyber looked back at the broken box. “Maybe.” He said blankly. “I have some tools at the clubhouse… and some extra parts to… yes that just might work!” He exclaimed with enthusiasm. “Come on Regal, we’ve got some fixing to do!”



               Regal and Cyber rushed back to their clubhouse as fast as they could. “Okay, let’s do this!” Said Cyber as he reached for his toolbox. “I just have to replace some parts that got fried in the fire.”

               “Sounds easy enough.” thought Regal as he looked out the window.

Just then, a group of earth ponies walked by. Regal instantly recognized them. They were a gang that liked to tease him.

               The leader of the gang was a large pony with a long dirty blonde mane, a scraggily tail and red eyes. He wore a strange band around his neck and had a skull and crossbones for his cutie-mark. His name was Henry Everfree Crack-knuckle, but he always told ponies to call him He Crack-knuckle!

               As Regal watched the group of ponies approach, he got a bad feeling. He could feel that something was going to go wrong. He knew it, but what could he do?

“Hey, Cyber.” He started. “I’m going to go outside if that’s okay with you.”

               “Sure Regal.” Cyber called. “That’s fine with me. I’m going to keep working on this box.”

“Great!” Regal called back as he looked out the window. He could see the gang of ponies drawing nearer.

               When Regal got outside, he was met by none other than H.E. Crack-knuckle!

                              “Hey, Smegal!” H.E. mocked. “Going somewhere?”

“My name’s not Smegal!” Regal said firmly. “And I was just coming out to…” Regal paused.

               “To what?” H.E. shouted. He glanced past Regal fixing his gaze on Cyber. “Oh, is that the pegasus that you saved from that burning building?” H.E. turned to face Regal. “We all know that you made that story up to make yourself feel better.”

               “Feel better. Better about what? Regal asked.

“About not having a cutie-mark!” H.E. shouted. “You’re just a stupid blank flank!”

               “I am not!” Regal yelled. “And I didn’t make that story up. Its true.”

“Ya, whatever!” H.E. chuckled. “So, what is your little friend doing in there anyways?”

               “He’s fixing a teleportation device that his parents built.” Regal said proudly.

“Ya right!” H.E. spat. “You actually believe that he could make something like that!” H.E. pointed in Cyber’s direction.

               “I said fix, not make. But yes, I do!” Regal puffed his chest out trying to look as intimidating as possible.

               “Don’t you get it?” H.E. screamed. He’s a stupid orphan! A nobody!”

Then H.E. leaned in close to Regal as he whispered, “You should have left him to burn in that building… just like his parents!”

               At that point Regal was furious, and found himself saying something he knew he would regret.

“Hey, Henry!” Regal shouted.

               “My name’s not Henry, its He!” H.E. grumbled.

“I remembered why I came out here.” Regal said with a smile.

               “Oh, and why did you?” H.E. said curiously.

“To punch you in the face!” Regal yelled as he punched H.E. to the ground.

               “You’re going to regret that pringle!” H.E. said as two of his friends helped him up.

“I told you, my name’s Regal, not pringle.” Regal said with annoyance.

               “Well you’re going to be a smashed pringle when I’m done with you!” H.E roared.

               Regal braced himself for impact. But before H.E. could touch him, they heard a voice coming from the clubhouse. It was Cyber.

               “Uh, Regal… something’s wrong with the box! I think its going to…”  Suddenly, there was a blinding explosion of light, from which came a giant swirling vortex!

               “Wow!” H.E. said, as he starred at the swirling black hole. “What is that?”

“It’s a vortex!” Regal yelled. The rushing wind made it difficult to hear anything.

               “Is it dangerous?” H.E. asked. He looked over to see the vortex rip the roof off of the clubhouse, and tear it into pieces.

               “Does that answer your question?” Regal asked.

Immediately, H.E.’s group of bullies ran in the direction they had come. Frantically, they tried to escape the growing pull of the vortex, but their attempts were hopeless. The huge, dark hole was too strong to escape!

               “Regal, please help us!” they desperately called. Regal was wearing his flight suit, and was fully capable of saving himself.

               Inside, he felt that they deserved it, but at the same time, it wasn’t in his personality to leave anypony behind!

               At that moment, Regal burst into action. He used his powerful wings to withstand the pulling force of the vortex. One by one, he saved each of the ponies that had bullied him just minutes before.

               After Regal helped the last pony, he heard a noise coming from behind him. He was surprised to find that it was H.E. Crack-Knuckle!

               “I’m coming for you Henry!” Regal called. He expertly flew through the swirling field of debris, to where H.E. was. But when he got there, he was cruelly sent back with a kick to the face!

               “My name’s not Henry, and I don’t need your help!” H.E. shouted. He tried to escape the vortex, but it was clear that he wasn’t going anywhere.

               “You may not want my help…”Regal started, “But I don’t leave anypony behind!” He grabbed H.E.’s hoof, and gently lifted him into the air. “Not even you!” Regal said with determination.

               Getting H.E. to safety was a lot harder than Regal had expected. He was substantially larger than the other ponies, and much, much heavier!

               “Come on.” Regal thought as he neared safety. “Just a bit farther.”

Just then, H.E. kicked Regal’s wing, cracking it right off! He fell a few yards, landing in a frenzy of frantic ponies.

                “Get out of my way!” H.E. roared as he struggled to his feet.He pushed some nearby ponies to the ground. “I want to see what’s going on.”

               H.E. watched as Regal fought to escape the pull of the vortex. But without his other wing, it wasn’t going to be easy!

               Regal used his thrusters to slowly inch his way to safety. But just as he got there, his thrusters died, and he plummeted to the ground.

               “Look out!” Regal cried, as he crashed into the crowd. As he hit the ground, the back of his suit cracked off.

               “That hurt.” Regal mumbled as he came to himself. As he turned to face the crowd, they all gasped.

“What is it?” Regal said curiously. “Is something wrong?”

               “Its just that you got your…” started one pony, pointing to his flank. He seemed to be staring past Regal.

“Got my what?” asked Regal nervously. He looked back at his broken suit. “Oh that, Its fine.”

               “Regal, behind you!” screamed another pony.

“Take this!” came a familiar voice. It was H.E.

               Regal spun around just in time to dodge a large stone.

“Hey!” called one of the ponies. “H.E. just tried to hurt Regal.”

               “Get him!” yelled another.

“Let’s talk about this.” H.E. reasoned, as a few angry ponies chased him into the forest.

               “Thanks!” Regal said, wiping sweat from his forehead.

“No. Thank you!” answered the group of ponies. “You saved us!”

               “Well…” said Regal, “That’s just what I do.” He turned to look at his broken suit.

“Wait a minute. I…I …got my…cutie-mark!” Regal stuttered.  It was a golden, five pointed crown, casting a shadow.

               “Its marvelous!” said one pony.

“The best I’ve ever seen!” said another.

               “Really?” said Regal. For a moment he completely forgot about the dangerous vortex.

“Of course!” said a pony behind Regal. “We all think its amazing!”

               The group of ponies nodded their heads in agreement as they formed a circle around Regal.

               As Regal talked with the ponies, he got so distracted that he didn’t even notice that his friend was gone! Just moments later, he heard a faint cry for help- it was Cyber!

               Regal pushed through the crowd, urgently trying to reach his friend. But by the time he could get through the mass of ponies, it was already too late. Cyber was being consumed by the giant vortex! He had gone back for the gadget, and had gotten pulled into the hole’s grasp!

               Regal tried with all his might to free his friend, but to no avail. Cyber was somehow connected to the vortex, and Regal wasn’t strong enough to break the connection.

                As Regal continued hopelessly, tears started to form in his eyes, for he knew what the outcome was going to be. Cyber was going to be lost! Deep inside he knew that he wasn’t strong enough to save his friend, but he refused to accept it! He just couldn’t let that happen!

               Regal forced himself to keep trying, until all of his strength was gone, and his small body collapsed. As he lay on the ground, Regal could hear the last words of his friend,

               “Regal, don’t give up! Be the protector that Equestria needs you to be.” Cyber smiled, “You were always my hero, now be their hero.”

               A few moments later, Cyber was completely consumed. Then, as fast as the vortex had appeared, it was gone; and so was Cyber.

                With tears streaming down his cheeks, Regal vowed to protect the ponies of Equestria. He knew that it was his destiny! To be a regal protector!

               But what he didn’t know was that his destiny had much more in store, not just a regal protector, but a king! And after that day, he promised that he would never let praise stop him from saving his friends. He had let his friend down, but he wasn’t going to let it happen ever again!


               After Regal lost his friend, he set out to keep his promise. But if he was going to be a hero, he was going to need stronger magic. Because of this, Regal signed up for Celestia’s school. Being already gifted in magic, he easily passed his first exam- hatching a dragon!


               Overtime, Regal learned how to use his powerful abilities. He studied for years, in which he became one of Celestia’s best students.

               When she thought he was ready, Celestia assigned Regal to continue his studies abroad. He was encouraged to practice using his skills to protect the ponies around him.

               This new assignment gave Regal the chance to become the hero he was always meant to be. And in the weeks before he left, Regal had the time to reconstruct a new flight suit. One that could withstand more than a few bumps and scrapes.

               As the years went by, Regal saved many ponies, and became known throughout all of Equestria as “The Regal Protector”.

               But, as he had promised, he never stayed to receive credit for the good that he did. To make sure that nopony would recognize him, he always wore his black flight suit, complete with the shaded helmet. This time, Regal wasn’t going to let attention distract him from saving his friends!


               MANY YEARS LATER…

           After many years of protecting the citizens of Equestria, Regal Shadow started to wonder if there was more to his cutie-mark than he had originally thought. Did it really just symbolize his royal determination to protect others, or was there something more?

               Inside he felt that there was more to his destiny, a part that he had never considered. A responsibility that could only be filled by him. And only when the time came.

               At that moment, Regal could feel it in every ounce of his being- the time had come! It was time for him to become what he was meant to be. It was time for him to become a king!


Meanwhile in Twilight’s castle…

          “Spike! Spike!” shouted Twilight. “We need to get the castle ready for a special visitor.”

“What do you mean, Twilight?” Spike asked. “Who’s coming?”

               Just then, Spike let out a large burp, and out came a letter.

“Perfect timing!” exclaimed Twilight. She lifted the letter with her magic, and began to read.


               Dear Princess Twilight,

              I would like you to meet with one of my best students tonight.  His name is Regal Shadow.

He is coming to Ponyville today, and would like to meet with the famed princess of friendship.

Oh, one more thing, he comes from a very wealthy family, so its best if you make his evening comfortable.

          I know you will do a great job.

                                                                     ~Princess Celestia


“Wait!” barged Rainbow Dash, “Did you say…Regal Shadow?”

               “Yes. I certainly did” replied Twilight. “And he’ll be here very soon. So we need to get this castle ready for his arrival.”

               “Hold yer horses, Twilight!” rushed Applejack, “What’s so important about this Regal Shadow anyway?”

“Well Applejack, I’m glad you asked.” said Twilight as she pulled a book off the table.

               “Not too long ago, in the…”

“Twilight!” interrupted Applejack. “I don’t think we have time for this!” She pointed at the book Twilight was holding.

               “Applejack’s right, darling” agreed Rarity. “And besides, you heard what Princess Celestia said. We need to make this pony feel comfortable. He does come from a wealthy family, after all!”

               “You’re right.” sighed Twilight. “I guess all you need to know is that he is one of Celestia’s best students.”

“Maybe he’s even better than you, Twilight!” Pinkie said as she hopped by.

               “Don’t worry.” said Fluttershy kindly as she put her arm around Twilight. “Nopony could be better than you.”

               “Its true!” Applejack said as she reached to put her arm on Twilight’s other shoulder. “You’re one of Princess Celestia’s most trusted students. Why else would she ask you to host this important pony?”

               “Then what are we waiting for?” Twilight said with a smile. “Princess Celestia is counting on us, so let’s get to work!”


               The group of friends worked for hours getting the castle ready for Regal’s arrival.

“Finished!” Twilight said with relief. Her voice echoed through the vaulted entryway.

               “Ooh, its simply marvelous!” proclaimed Rarity. “I’m sure prince Regal will absolutely love it!”

“Ha ha ha ha…” Rainbow Dash laughed, “You think Regal is a… prince?” She rolled in the air as she laughed.

               “Wait, you’re telling me that he’s not royal?” said Rarity in disbelief.

“Sorry Rarity.” Twilight remarked. “Rainbow Dash is right. Although he does come from a wealthy family, he’s not a prince.”

               “Boo-ya” Rainbow Dash shouted as she began her victory dance.

“Well Ms.Smarty-Dash,” Rarity began, “How did you know that?

               “Uh…” Rainbow Dash paused, “Because I’m awesome, that’s how!”

“It is strange that you would know that.” Twilight said curiously. “Have you met him?”

               “Uh…nope! Haven’t met him.” Rainbow Dash shouted as she sped into her seat.

Just then, somepony knocked on the door.

               “He’s here everypony.” Twilight whispered nervously. As she opened the door, Twilight saw something she hadn’t expected.

               Regal was dressed in a full black suit, which made it impossible to see his identity.

“Wait.” Twilight gasped. “You’re… The Regal Protector!” She stared at Regal with amazement.

               “Yes, I am.” Regal said calmly as he took off his helmet. “And you must be Twilight Sparkle, princess of friendship.”

               “That’s me.” Twilight said with a smile. “How did you guess?” Regal looked around the room.

“Well, you’re kind of the only alicorn in here, so…”

               “Oh, of course.” said Twilight. Her cheeks turned pink with embarrassment.

“Spike.” said Twilight. “Please show Regal to his seat.”

               “Sure thing, Twilight!” Spike said happily. He escorted Regal to the table, and pulled out his chair.

“Thanks Spike.” said Regal as he sat down. “Have you met my assistant yet?” He pointed to a pink dragon with purple spikes, who was standing in the corner.

               “Her name is Pepper.” Regal explained. “She’s got a spicy attitude, but she’s really nice when you get to know her.”

               “Hey Pepper.” Spike said casually “I’m Spike.”

“Yes, so I’ve heard.” replied Pepper. She turned to look at Spike.

               “Well.” said Spike, raising one eyebrow, “Did you hear that I saved the Crystal Empire?”

You saved the Crystal Empire!” said Pepper excitedly. “That’s amazing!”

               “I know.” said Spike. He rubbed his claws on his chest, trying to look cool. “Now they call me, Spike the Great and Glorious!” He flexed his arms, trying to make himself look stronger.

               “Spikey-Wikey!” Rarity called. “We’re starting the introductions, darling.”

“And that’s what Rarity calls me.” Spike mumbled under his breath.

               “I have to go now.” Spike said somberly. “It was nice meeting you Pepper.” He turned towards the table, before he was stopped.

               “You know Spike.” Pepper started, “You’re actually kind of cool.”

“Really?” Spike asked. “I mean, of course I am.” He smiled proudly as he continued. “I mean, I am a hero!”

               “So, Spike the Great and Glorious.” Pepper began, “Would you like to sit by me?” She pointed to a spot at the table with two chairs in a row.

               “Definitely!” Spike said as he helped Pepper to her seat.

“Oh, there you are Spike.” Twilight said before continuing. “And last of all, this is Rainbow Dash. She represents the element of loyalty.” She pointed to Rainbow Dash, who slid lower on her chair.

               “Wait, did you say Rainbow Dash?” Regal asked.

“She sure did!” exclaimed Applejack. “Rainbow’s the fastest flyer in Equestria!”

               “I knew I recognized you…little Dashie!” Regal said with a smug smile.

“Rainbow Dash.” Twilight said with a curious look. “You know him?”

               “Know me?” Regal started, “I was her foal-sitter when she was just a filly!” As he looked at Rainbow Dash, she tried to slip under the table.

               “Did you lie to your friends, Dashie?” Regal asked. He looked confused. “I thought I taught you to be honest.” Regal looked down at the floor. “Well, at least I always try to be honest.”

               “Hey, that’s just like me!” Applejack exclaimed as she turned to face Regal.

“So, Regal.” Twilight interrupted, “How did you first meet Rainbow Dash?”

               “Well, after I lost my friend.” Regal started.

“You lost a friend?” Twilight asked as she leaned in. “What happened?”

               “Never mind.” said Regal. He turned to conceal the tears in his eyes. “I’d rather not talk about that.”

“So, what was it that you were saying?” asked Applejack. “After you lost your friend…then what?” She waved her hoof in Regal’s direction.

               “Well, all you have to know is that my friend always saw me as a hero.” Regal slightly smiled as he continued. “The day I lost him, he made my promise that I would become the hero Equestria needed me to be.”

               “What does that have to do with meeting me?” shouted Rainbow Dash. She seemed to be getting impatient.

               “I’m getting to that.” said Regal as he repositioned. “So as I was saying, to keep my promise, I started by doing kind things for the ponies around me.” Regal glanced at Fluttershy. “Its always good to treat other ponies with kindness, so that’s heroic right?

               “I think so.” agreed Fluttershy.“Kindness creates happiness.”

               “That’s exactly what I thought!” Regal said with a smile. “So anyway, eventually I ended up agreeing to be Rainbow Dash’s foal-sitter.” Regal walked over to where Rainbow Dash was sitting. “And that’s how I met little Dashie, here.” He ruffled her mane before returning to his seat.

               “You know, Regal.” said Rainbow Dash, “We had a lot of fun together. Especially when we were pulling pranks!” She looked over at Pinkie Pie, who was stuffing her mouth with chocolate cake.

               “You pulled pranks?” asked Pinkie with her mouth still filled with cake.

“Only fun ones.” Regal replied as he wiped crumbs from his face. “You know, to spread laughter and joy.”

               “That’s funny.” laughed Pinkie. “Because that’s what I like to do!” she fired her party cannon, launching dozens of colorful streamers into the air.

               “Oh, not at the table darling.” Rarity scolded. “You’ll get streamers in the food.” She smiled at Regal, who was removing a pink streamer from his mane.

               “So, Regal Shadow.” Rarity inquired. What was it like growing up in a wealthy family?” She straightened her mane as she waited for his response.

               “Honestly Rarity, It was quite difficult at first.” Regal answered.

“And why was that?” replied Rarity. She was shocked by his answer.

               “Well, as a foal I always got everything I wanted. Sowhen I got older, I started to get greedy.” Regal responded.

               “No, not greed!” Spike shouted jumping from his seat. “Ahem. I mean, how did you overcome your desire to want everything?” He said as he sat back in his chair. “That’s what I meant to say.”

               “Good question Spike.” Regal said as he lifted his hoof. “My mother taught me that the best way to eliminate greed, was by being generous.”

               “Now she’s a smart mare.” chimed Rarity. “Generosity is definitely a great way to avoid such dreadful things as greed.” She scowled at Pinkie, who was loading her plate with cupcakes.

               “I know you said that you didn’t want to talk about it…” started Twilight, “but what happened to your friend?”

               “I…I let him down.” Regal stuttered. “I had no idea that a few minutes could change so much!”

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked.

               “Its complicated.” Regal explained. “But I’ll tell you this, I learned something very important that day.” His determination glowed in his eyes as he spoke. “A true friend is always loyal!”

               “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash as she flew out of her seat. “Loyalty is the best quality to have.”

               “Well Dashie.” Regal said, “its good to know that you learned at least one thing from me.”

               Just then, Spike burped, and out came another letter. He turned just in time to see Pepper carefully blow a stream of purple fire into her hands.

               “You’ve got a letter, Regal.” Pepper exclaimed with excitement.

“Uh, Twilight…” said Spike, “You got a letter too.”

               “Really?” Twilight said as she took the letter. “Its from Princess Celestia.”

“So is mine.” Regal said as he started to read.

               “What’s it say, darling?” asked Rarity with a concerned face. She looked at Twilight who was still frantically reading.

               “That’s odd.”Twilight said as she looked up. “Princess Celestia wants us to meet her in the center of town.”

She seemed to be frightened by the message. “She said something about a strange formation above the city hall.”

               “A strange formation in the sky?” shouted Rainbow Dash. “That sounds awesome!” She waved her arms in the air, showing her excitement.

               “Oh dear.” said Fluttershy as she stepped back, “That sounds scary.”

“Don’t worry, Fluttershy.” Twilight said in a soft voice, “Its probably nothing dangerous.”

               “Twilight’s right.” said Applejack as she started towards the door. “Its probably just a strange look’n cloud… or something.”

               As Regal watched the mane six start to leave, he got a bad feeling. He felt like they were walking right into a trap.

               “I’m coming with you!” Regal said with resolve. He put his helmet on, and stepped towards the door.

               “Whoa, partner” shouted Applejack. She blocked Regal with her arm. “Just where do you think you’re going?”

               “Like I said, I’m coming with you.” Regal exclaimed as he flew over Applejack.

               “But darling,” Rarity interrupted as she walked in front of him, “Princess Celestia told us to make you feel comfortable.” She looked behind Regal into the castle. “Why don’t you stay here and relax, while we go and take care of this… cloud.” She smiled at Regal as she pushed him back inside.

               “Besides.” said Spike as he hopped on Twilight’s back, “We’re professionals!”

 Regal’s heart raced as he watched the mane six slowly fade out of sight.

               “I’m not going to let my friends down this time.” thought Regal.“A true friend is always loyal, no matter what!”

               As Regal opened the door, he saw a dark vortex forming in the distance.

“What is that?” Pepper asked pointing to the sky.

               “Definitely not a cloud.” Regal said as he looked through the open doorway. He rushed outside and began running. “Let’s go Pepper.” Regal said “Our friends are in trouble!”

               Regal was unsure what he would find when he arrived, but one thing was certain.Cyber had come back…but why?




               “Hurry up, slow-pokes!” called Rainbow Dash. “We’re almost to city hall.” She looked into the sky, expecting to find a strange cloud.

               “Um, Applejack.” said Rainbow Dash in a worried voice.

“Yes, Rainbow Dash.” Applejack replied in her usual tone. “What is it?”

               “What was it you said that we would find here?” asked Rainbow Dash. She was frozen with fear.

“Oh, let’s see, I said we would probably find a strange cloud…or something.” hollered Applejack.

               “Well, it must be ‘or something’. Because that’s not a cloud!” Rainbow Dash shouted. She pointed to a large swirling vortex, directly above the city hall.

               “That doesn’t matter right now!” argued Twilight. “Look!” She pointed to three cages. “Someone’s trapped the princesses.”

               “What horrible monster would do such a thing?” asked Rarity.

“Ooh, that hurt.” came a familiar voice. It was Discord! He looked grayish, and his eyes were tinted green.

               “Let the princesses go, Discord!” shouted Twilight. Her horn glowed with magic.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Twilight.” stammered Discord. He turned his head with disregard. “I have strict orders to follow you know.”

               “Orders from who?” questioned Twilight. She looked confused.

“From Servitor!” Celestia said firmly. She stood tall in her cage.

               “Who’s Servitor?” asked Applejack. She walked closer to where Celestia was.

“Servitor is an Arimaspi with the power to turn anypony into a mindless drone.” Luna interrupted.

               “So basically, he can turn ponies into zombies.” Rainbow Dash said blankly.

“Not just ponies.” said Cadence, “Anything!” She pointed to Discord.

               “We banished Servitor to a different realm hundreds of years ago.” Celestia said gently. “But it seems he has found a way to escape.”

               “And how exactly did this Servitor catch Discord?” asked Applejack

               “We assumed that Servitor had not yet regained his strength, so we sent Discord to capture him.” said Luna.

               “As you can see,” Celestia started, “Servitor overpowered Discord.”

“Once enslaved, he was used against us.” Remarked Cadence. “We didn’t even see it coming.”

               Rainbow Dash looked at Discord. “If Discord is evil, then why isn’t he trying to catch us? Couldn’t he easily trap us with his magic?” She smashed her hoofs together.

               “Normally yes…” said Luna, “luckily for us, Servitor’s victims take a while to regain their power.”

“Oh, so Discord can’t use his magic yet.” Rainbow Dash said with a smile. “I Gotcha.” She stuck her tongue out at Discord.

               “Wait a minute.” Interrupted Twilight. “If Servitor can turn anypony into a mindless drone, why did he need to trap you?”

               “Well you see, Twilight.” Celestia urged, “Until Servitor gains his full strength, he can’t enslave alicorns.”

               “But be wary, Twilight.” Luna instructed. “Even though he can’t make you one of his slaves, Servitor will still be looking for you and your friends.”

               “Why’s that?” asked Applejack. She looked concerned.

               “Because, you six possess the elements of harmony.” said Cadence. “These elements are the only things that can stop Servitor, and he’s aware of that.”

               “Okay, no biggie.” huffed Rainbow Dash. “We just have a giant, magical Arimaspi looking for us.”

“Totally fine.” spouted Rarity sarcastically. “Its just a giant, magical Arimaspi that can turn us all into mindless servants!” 

               “Only if it can catch us.” cried Rainbow Dash. “But we’re way too quick to get caught…or at least I am.” She looked down at her friends who were all frowning at her.

               “I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Rainbow Dash.” Celestia warned. “Servitor has magical chains that he uses to ensnare his victims. Once caught, there is no escaping them.”

               “Oh yah!” Rainbow Dash challenged. “I could always fly away…right?”

“Wrong!” answered Luna. “When Servitor’s chains catch onto something, they drain its power and strength.”

               “So what you’re saying.” started Rainbow Dash, “Is…”

               “We’re saying that you need to get out of here before Servitor finds you.” Interrupted Celestia. “And when the time is right, you must use the elements to banish him back to his prison realm.”

               Just then, Twilight felt somepony touch her shoulder.

               “There you are Twily.” said Shining Armor. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” His voice was almost expressionless.

               “Oh, Shining Armor, its just you.” said Twilight with relief. “How did you get here?”

“There’s no time to explain.” barked Shining Armor. “I found a place that you can hide from Servitor. Follow me.”

               “Have fun!” Discord shouted. He watched the mane six follow Shining Armor into a large maze of cottages.

               “Its just behind here.” said Shining Armor as he led them to a drab cottage. “You go first, Twily.”

But just as Twilight turned the corner, she was caught by a large figure in the shadows. It was Servitor!

               “Run!” yelled Twilight.“It’s a trap!”

After Twilight said this, she watched as her friends scattered in the opposite direction.

               “So Discord was right.” Whispered Servitor in a raspy voice. “There are four alicorns. And now, I have all of them!” He raised Twilight in the air before trapping her in a cage similar to the others.

               “But how did you escape your banishment?” asked Twilight. “You were trapped in a different realm.”

“I found a pegasus in my realm one day.” muttered Servitor. “He was trying to fix a strange silver device.”

               “What kind of device?” asked Twilight. She seemed interested.

“A device that could open the way back to Equestria!” shouted Servitor. “And it worked!”

               “Where is this pegasus?” inquired Twilight.

               “He is in Canterlot at the moment, organizing my battalion of servants.” said Servitor. He pointed to the Vortex. “When that portal is complete, I will have an army of royal guards at my command!”

               “Wait!” gasped Twilight, “Are you saying…”

               “Yes.” laughed Servitor. “I’ve already enslaved everypony in Canterlot and the Crystal Empire! With these armies by my side, Nopony will be able to stand in my way!”

               “That’s what you think!” spat Twilight. “My friends will stop you!” She stared up at Servitor with determination.

               “Oh, I don’t think so.” said Servitor. He looked in the direction that Twilights friends had gone. “They’re walking right into my trap!”



“Come on everypony” grumbled Applejack as she wandered the dark streets of Ponyville. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

               “We do?” asked Pinkie. She didn’t seem to be paying attention.

“Yes!” shouted Applejack. “We need to get help.” She pointed in the direction they had come.

               “We certainly do.” said Rarity. “That beast has captured Twilight!”

“Not to mention Celestia, Luna, and Cadence!” added Rainbow Dash.

               “Oh, and don’t forget Shining Armor.” said Spike.

“How could we forget him?” chided Applejack. “He practically gave us to Servitor!

               “That meanie has Discord too.” said Fluttershy in a sad voice. “We have to stop him.”

“Hey, wait a minute.” called Rainbow Dash. “Has anypony seen Pinkie Pie?”

               “She was just here.” replied Rarity. “Where could she have gone?”

“Who knows?” said Applejack. “All that I know, is that we have to keep moving.”

               “But Applejack.” said Rainbow Dash. “We can’t leave our friend behind.”

               “I’m sorry, but we have to.” said Applejack as she turned to face Rainbow Dash. “If we stop to look for her, then we will all be captured!”

               “Are you saying that Pinkie was taken by Servitor?” asked Fluttershy. She looked frightened.

“I’m not sure.” replied Applejack. “But it is mighty suspicious that she would just disappear like that.”

               The group of friends continued walking until they heard a strange sound.

“What was that?” whispered Fluttershy. “It sounded like…”

               “Rarity and Spike!” interrupted Rainbow Dash.

“Yes, that’s what it sounded like.” agreed Fluttershy. “Wait, what?”

               “No, not that.” said Rainbow Dash with annoyance. “I mean, Rarity and Spike are gone!”As she walked, a chill ran down her spine.

               “Okay.” sighed Applejack. “Something strange is going on here. Don’t you think?” She looked at Rainbow Dash.

“What? I’m definitely not scared if that’s what you mean.” said Rainbow Dash. “What about you Fluttershy?”

               There was no reply.

“Uh, Fluttershy…” continued Rainbow Dash. “Where are you?”

               “Hey Rainbow Dash!” came a voice form behind a small cottage. It was Scootaloo.

“Oh, am I glad to see you, little squirt.” said Rainbow Dash. She ruffled Scootaloo’s mane.

               “Hey Scootaloo.” said Applejack kindly. “What brings you here?”

“I know where your friends are.” rushed Scootaloo. “Come quick!”

               The two friends urgently followed Scootaloo through the shadowy streets of Ponyville.

               When they finally arrived, they were surprised to find their friends piled around Twilight’s cage. They were all unconscious, and had magic chains connecting their legs together.


“This doesn’t seem right.” said Applejack. She could tell something bad was going to happen.

               “Who cares!” called Rainbow Dash as she flew towards the pile of friends. “We need to get them out of here.”

               As Rainbow Dash grabbed the bars to Twilight’s cage, Scootaloo stepped out of the shadows. Her mane was tattered, and she appeared to be slightly grayish in color.

               “We need to leave.” Applejack insisted. She saw something moving in the shadows. “We need to leave now!”

               Just then, glowing, green chains launched out from the shadows. The chains wrapped around Applejack’s legs, and slowly pulled her into the darkness.

               “Applejack!” screamed Rainbow Dash. She stretched out her arm, but it was already too late. Applejack was gone!

               Seconds later, the chains returned. But this time, they were after Rainbow Dash!

Panicking, she tried to escape, but the magical chains were too fast.

               “Help me!” Rainbow Dash screamed. She struggled to free herself, but it was no use. After a few seconds, her strength was gone, and she too was pulled into the dark shadows.


“We’re almost there!” shouted Regal. He could see the city hall in the distance.

               “Why exactly are we doing this again?” questioned Pepper. “Didn’t you hear what Spike said, they’re professionals!”

               “Because.” Regal started, “I can tell something has gone wrong, and its my job to find out what.” He paused to look at Pepper.

“And besides.” Regal said, “I’m the Regal Protector, this is what I do!”

               When Regal and Pepper got to the city hall, they were met by a few familiar faces. The mane six!

They looked somewhat drowsy, and their eyes were glossed green.

               “So how’d it go?” Regal asked. He was eager to hear their response.

Applejack shrugged. “I guess it went well.” She moved directly in front of Regal, blocking his view.

               “Wait, that’s it?” Regal spouted. “You were sent by Princess Celestia to investigate a mysterious formation in the sky, and all you can say is I guess it went well?”Regal turned his head. “I’m not buying that.”

               As Regal turned, he saw something behind his friends.

“Hey, what’s that?” Regal asked. He tried to get a better view, but Pinkie Pie jumped in his way.

               “What’s what?” replied Pinkie. “There’s definitely nothing behind me.” She stared at Regal with a strange smile on her face.

               “Never mind.” mumbled Regal. His eyes scanned the group of friends.

“Where’s Twilight?” he asked. “Wasn’t she with you?”

               “Twilight is with the other princesses at the moment.” remarked Applejack with a malicious smile. “She’s very busy.”

               “Busy being captured!” yelled Pepper. She was horrified by the scene in front of her. Twilight, Cadence, Luna, and Celestia were all trapped. They had glowing chains around their legs, keeping them from moving.

               Just then, the mane six tried to catch Regal, but he was too quick. As he flew into the air, he watched his friends take Pepper.

               “Help me!” Pepper screamed. She was being taken to a dark passage.

               “I’ll save you Pepper!” Regal said confidently. He made his way to his friend, but before he could reach her, something happened that he didn’t expect.

               Long, green chains whipped out from the darkness. They grabbed onto Pepper’s legs, and pulled her to the ground.

               Regal watched as his assistant was slowly dragged into the shadows. When Pepper was out of sight, a faint green glow appeared in the passage.

               When she emerged, Pepper was slightly gray, and her eyes were almost green.

               “Wait, I’ve heard this before.” thought Regal as he remembered his studies. He looked at his friends, and then into the dark passage.

               “Servitor is back!” Regal stuttered in disbelief.

               “That’s right!” came a mysterious voice. “And you must be Regal Shadow. I’ve heard a lot about you.” It was Servitor!

               His large eye glowed as he stepped from the darkness.

“You will make an excellent servant!” said servitor. “Get him my subjects” he roared. “Get Regal Shadow!”

               Immediately, hundreds of ponies came crawling from the shadows. Servitor had already captured the citizens of Ponyville, and was now using them as loyal slaves!

               “What to do?” thought Regal to himself. He was surrounded.

               “Bring him to me.” Servitor commanded. “Once I have his magic, I will be strong enough to enslave alicorns!” He pointed to Princess Celestia. “I will be unstoppable!”

               Regal slowly fought his way through the crowd of green eyed goons, to where Princess Celestia was caged.

“What do I do?” he asked frantically. “I can’t let him get my magic.”

               “Regal, my faithful student.” Princess Celestia started. “You have come a long way, and learned much.” She looked Regal in the eyes as she continued. “Your time has come Regal. It is time for you to become who you were meant to be. It’s time to fulfill your destiny!”

               After that, Regal disappeared into the crowd of ponies.  He could see Servitor, who was smiling maliciously.

“You’re a coward, Regal!” Servitor sneered, “And you know it!” He looked up at the growing vortex. “Cyber knew it.”

               “You’re wrong!” Regal shouted. He flew into the air, revealing his position. “Cyber was my best friend.”

“Yes.” mumbled Servitor. “Until you abandoned him!”

               Regal leaned forward. “Wait, how did you know that…how did you know about Cyber?” He stared at Servitor with confusion.

“Cyber told me himself.” laughed Servitor. “He helped me escape!”

               “Liar!” shouted Regal. He flew towards Servitor, with his horn glowing bright green.

Regal fired a huge blast of magic, but Servitor deflected it with his stolen powers.

               The two enemies fought for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of them seemed to have an advantage.

               As Regal tirelessly fought, he caught a glimpse of his friends. The light of the rainbow seemed to reflect off of their glossy eyes.

               “I can’t do this alone.” Regal thought, as he remembered the Elements of Harmony.

“Servitor!” Regal started, “You and I both know that neither of us can win.” He used his magic to teleport into the shadows.

               “Well, we do seem to be evenly matched.” said Servitor. “So what do you propose?” His green eye searched the crowd for Regal.

               “I propose a trade!” Regal courageously proclaimed. “If you let my friends go, then you can have me.”

               “Deal!” yelled Servitor. “They’ve already served their purpose.” He clenched his fists. “And besides, they can’t even use their precious Elements of Harmony anymore. The magical chains their wearing stop all magic… even the magic of friendship!”

               Regal hadn’t noticed it before, but his friends were wearing light green, transparent chains.

               As Regal stepped from the shadows, he took off his flight suit, and let Servitor chain his legs. He could feel his strength draining, as he watched the mane six, Spike, and Pepper be released from the spell.

               “Regal, what are you doing?” shouted Rainbow Dash. She was horrified.

“Saving my friends.” Regal stammered as he fell to the ground. His strength was gone. “A true friend is always loyal.”

               “Now.” said Servitor. “Time to take your magic!”

Servitor’s hands glowed as he started to extract Regal’s magic, turning him grey.

               “Yes! Yes!” shouted Servitor. He could feel his power increasing.

               Celestia watched intently as her student sacrificed himself for his friends. She then looked at the other princesses, who nodded.

               “It’s time.” Celestia whispered.

Immediately, something miraculous happened. Just before Regal was enslaved, he was encircled with a bright green light.

               It swirled around him as he was lifted into the air. The light got brighter and brighter, until it exploded in every direction, shattering Servitor’s chains! This caused the chains binding his friends to disappear.

               “No!” screamed Servitor. He had been knocked over by the blast. “This can’t be!”

               Out of the smoke emerged a new Regal Shadow, one that nopony had ever seen before. Regal Shadow had become an alicorn!

               “Honesty.” Regal started as he spread his wings. “Generosity, kindness, laughter, and loyalty.” He looked at his friends. “These make up the elements of harmony.” 

               “When combined, these elements create a magic stronger than any other.” Regal paused to look at Twilight, who was setting herself free. “This is the magic of friendship!”

               As Regal said this, the mane six started to shine. From each of them, came a colorful beam of light.

               These beams of light combined together to create a giant rainbow. The rainbow shot into the air, and landed on Servitor.

               “Noooooo…..” Servitor shouted. He tried to shield himself from the light, but it was too late.

Servitor was once again banished, and everypony was free from his spell.

               “Well done, my faithful student.” praised Celestia. “You have shown the heart of a true leader, a true protector, and most of all, a true friend.” She smiled. “From now on, you shall be called Regal Shadow, King of protection.”


               After Servitor’s defeat, Regal was reunited with his best friend. Both Regal and Cyber agreed that it was best to destroy the silver box, and they did.

               They also decided to build Regal’s castle in their favorite spot. The very spot which there clubhouse was many years before. It was the perfect place to start a kingdom!

               Overtime, Regal’s kingdom became well known throughout all of Equestria! Especially for its technological advancements.

               Now, Regal is an alicorn king, and Cyber, his loyal friend. Together, they rule their kingdom with wisdom and kindness.

               And whenever Equestria is in danger, Regal will always be there. Because he is Regal Shadow, King of Protection!



So, what did you think? Please tell me in the comments. I would love to hear.


Thanks! Regal Shadow

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0.0 can I please give this a thousand brohooves? This was AMAZING! Such an amazing back story. I lived it so much! It was awesome to read and here the origins of the King of Protection! I love love loved reading this story so much. And that was such a brilliant ending. :love: *applause*

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0.0 can I please give this a thousand brohooves? This was AMAZING! Such an amazing back story. I lived it so much! It was awesome to read and here the origins of the King of Protection! I love love loved reading this story so much. And that was such a brilliant ending. :love: *applause*

Thank you so much! I worked REALLY hard on Regal Shadow, and his backstory. I'm so happy you like it! (It took me a long time to carefully plan out each character, and then put them into a fun plot.)


At first, I thought I had failed with this story. I had someone PM me, and tell me all of the flaws they saw in my story. They said it was unreasonable, and didn't make any sense. It made me feel bad, because I worked very hard on this. (And personally, I really liked my story.)


One of the things they said, is that the mane six in my story didn't act like the mane six in the show. But I tried to make their personalities match as much as I could.


But I guess they didn't read it very well, because everything they said "didn't make sense" was explained sometime in the story.


Do you think I explained things well in this story?

Edited by Regal Shadow

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I can give it another read but I I was able to fit everything thing together pretty well. But that may just be me. But I really did like your story. From all I can recollect at this moment I did think it all made sense.

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I can give it another read but I I was able to fit everything thing together pretty well. But that may just be me. But I really did like your story. From all I can recollect at this moment I did think it all made sense.

Well, thank you very much! :) I'm glad you see the true amazing-ness of this story.


I guess it doesn't matter what some people think. If they don't like it, it doesn't matter, because a lot of people do like it! (Like you, my friend! )


So once again, thanks! :) (Do you want to be friends? )

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Awesome story! Full of excitement, great job! I loved it!

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28 minutes ago, Lightning Charge said:

Awesome story! Full of excitement, great job! I loved it!

Thank you very much, my friend! That means a lot to me. :) 

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Wow, that's a pretty nice read, I enjoyed it! He's like Equestria equivalent of a super hero, if that's okay.

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On ‎9‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 6:09 AM, MarthaSipe said:

Wow! Astonishing story! Your writing skills are awesome. Are you interested in a work as a writer? I know guys from are looking for brilliants like you are.

Thanks! I appreciate your kindness. :) 

I wouldn't say that I'm brilliant at writing, but thanks anyways. ;) 

What kind of work, exactly?

On ‎9‎/‎4‎/‎2017 at 3:28 PM, Fennekin said:

Wow, that's a pretty nice read, I enjoyed it! He's like Equestria equivalent of a super hero, if that's okay.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) 

Yes, that's totally okay. That is actually what I thought of when I wrote this story. ^_^

Edited by Regal Shadow

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28 minutes ago, Regal Shadow said:

Thanks! I appreciate your kindness. :) 

I wouldn't say that I'm brilliant at writing, but thanks anyways. ;) 

What kind of work, exactly?

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) 

Yes, that's totally okay. That is actually what I thought of when I wrote this story. ^_^

I understaned if you might disagree, but i like the "helper of the defenseless" character arc, and how they dont leave anypony behind. I really like it.

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2 hours ago, Fennekin said:

I understaned if you might disagree, but i like the "helper of the defenseless" character arc, and how they dont leave anypony behind. I really like it.

Thanks! I really like that kind of character also. ;) 

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11 minutes ago, Regal Shadow said:

Thanks! I really like that kind of character also. ;) 

Glad i could read it.

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3 minutes ago, Fennekin said:

Glad i could read it.

I'm glad I could write it. ^_^ 

It's not perfect yet, but I'm really glad you like it. (I was thinking of eventually making some minor changes to the story, so it would be more smooth. But I haven't gotten the time to do it yet.)

Anyway, thanks! :)

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14 minutes ago, Regal Shadow said:

I'm glad I could write it. ^_^ 

It's not perfect yet, but I'm really glad you like it. (I was thinking of eventually making some minor changes to the story, so it would be more smooth. But I haven't gotten the time to do it yet.)

Anyway, thanks! :)

The backstory was a novel and a half, but i enjoyed reading it nonetheless.

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Just now, Fennekin said:

The backstory was a novel and a half, but i enjoyed reading it nonetheless.

Yeah, it is pretty long. I'm glad you liked it though. ;) 

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2 minutes ago, Regal Shadow said:

Yeah, it is pretty long. I'm glad you liked it though. ;) 

No problem! :D

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