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I'm creating this topic to post some of my recent landscape photography work.  :squee:


To see more of my work, visit ElementalFX.smugmug.com. (Site in-dev.)


To join a community of brony hikers, visit Everfree Hikers.



Over the last few years, I've gone on over a hundred hikes. My highest mileage in a single year was 123 miles (cumulative). My eventual, longterm goal will be to hike from Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail. During my many adventures, I got into doing landscape photography.


Hiking Log (Updated Regularly)


My Hike Map (Interactive)





Photography Around the Pacific Northwest



Crystal Majesty

Crystal Lake, Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington.








Painted Cove

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Oregon.








Changing Light

Sunset on Mount Jefferson from the Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon.








Ancient Lakes

Sunset on the Ancient Lakes in eastern Washington.








For Ponies Around the World (2017 Submission)

Crystal Lake in the Mt. Adams Wilderness; will be submitted to EQD's annual PATW event in July.








Home for the Night

Sunset from Adams Glacier Meadow in the Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington.






I'll add more photos to this post as time goes on.  ^_^ 

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So now that the summer of 2017 is in full swing, I have been hard at work getting to various places with my ponies. I also recently got a Flutterbat plush to take with me, so I'm excited for that!



But first, a few from last year.


Just like the photo of Crystal Lake in the original post, this was taken from our campsite at Crystal Lake. The view is of Mount Adams' west face. The Daring Do engraved compass was bought at Everfree NW last year.




This was taken from our campsite at Crystal Lake as well, but this time looking north towards Mount Rainier and the Goat Rocks. The view was spectacular!





For my last hike of the summer, I made the long 6 hour drive up to Mount Baker and Artist Point to hike the Ptarmigan Ridge Trail. Here is Rainbow Dash in front of Mount Shuksan. Mount Baker is directly opposite of Shuksan (so behind me as I was taking this photo).





May, 2017:


For my very first hike of the year, I headed out to Columbia Hills State Park in eastern Washington, just north of the Oregon border along the Columbia River Gorge.

We did a 7 mile loop hike, finishing off on the Vista Loop Trail. Here is Flutterbat enjoying the fields upon fields of yellow Western Basalmroot and purple Lupine characteristic of the eastern Columbia River Gorge. In the near distance is the mighty Columbia River, the largest river on the west coast.





For the second hike of the year, I ventured up the Herman Creek Trail for around 5 miles (10 miles round trip). At the turnaround point for the day, I photographed Rarity among the lush green forests characteristic of northern Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge.




For the last hike in may, Fluttershy and I hiked the Dry Creek Trail in southern Washington near the Trapper Creek Wilderness. Here she is enjoying the relaxing sound of the babbling creek. The trail is relatively flat as it follows the gentle uphill grade of the creek.

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I'm going to see the movie tomorrow in Portland!


Here are two more photographs taken from late August this year. 

Both images are just one of thousands of photos taken that will become a sunset-to-stars timelapse, which will be a part of my 2019 "Equestria: Into the Wild" film.

I still need to do a few image editing tweaks on the astrophotography image to remove noise and to sharpen the image.



(Above: Mattock Lakes, California around midnight. Below: Mattock Lakes at sunset.)



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Fall colors along the Buck Creek–Morrison Creek Loop hike in southern Washington! 


The video shots that I got here turned out very nice, so I will probably be using them in my pony nature film.



Flutterbat Among Vine Maples, Washington


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Fluttershy at Big Spring Creek Falls, Upper Tier

During this past October, I hiked into the mountains a short ways to this waterfall and brought my lifesize Fluttershy plushie (45") with me. Here she is relaxing by the peaceful rhythm of the nearby falls. This was taken in southern Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Watch a short video clip of the falls and Fluttershy here.

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