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Pick Your Part!

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#1 Widdershins



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Posted 03 February 2017 - 08:35 PM

    So! Purely hypothetically speaking! Say, hypothetically of course, some interdimensional being of vague, undefinable powers & mass amounts of inexplicable whimsy were to sneak into your bedroom at night and, completely painlessly, removed a body part of yours and replaced it with the qualities of another species/being/creature. Which new attribute would you be most okay with getting used to?


  Now, rules is: You gotta be specific about it. Like, be it wings you need to say pegusai wings, hawk wings, angel wings, bat wings, dragon's and so on! It can even be from mythological or creatures you've only just read about, like say, vampire fangs as opposed to werewolf or zombie fangs!

    I need to know where to get my parts from.


  But the bigger part, is its still you under there! Even if I... hypothetically, lopped your head clean off & replaced it with... say, just off the top of my noggin here, a giant spider head, its still your brain & capacity to talk. You just LOOK like a bugface now! And wings granted don't necessarily mean flight, not unless your willing to train every day with 'im.


    ...and yes. Giving you a head that's just a floating ball of nebulous, sentient starstuff is also an option. Just it's perched on top of your doughy human body, so be aware its gonna look tacky as all get out!



  AS to answer my own question... well, not to be too cryptic about things, but I think that part is pretty self-explanatory.


    I do eagerly await your efforts in aesthetic choice! *dramatically flips open a notebook & eagerly clicks a ballpoint pen*

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#2 PumpkinCharm



  • Muffins

Posted 07 February 2017 - 02:16 PM

I would prefer to have my teeth replaced. My teeth are awful- despite all the brushing and flossing I do, they just get worse. I would GLADLY have my teeth replaced by vampire fangs, or anything really- anything but the ones I've got!

#3 Kn1ght



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Posted 07 February 2017 - 02:34 PM

Bionic arms that crush stuff and can replicate any signature or drawing. lol

#4 Satrox



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Posted 07 February 2017 - 02:52 PM

I going to say which parts but..


anyways, I would use my legs and replace it with robotic ones, better to run fast and have strength. And use one of my arm to make extra arms, so i could carry more stuff.

#5 BlueBrony



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Posted 07 February 2017 - 11:32 PM

THis may be cheating , but i would have my useless human tailbone replaced with an actual tail. specifically a cat's tail that is the same color as my hair

#6 Master Necrodeus

Master Necrodeus


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Posted 08 February 2017 - 12:01 AM

I prefer a part of my arm. Say the forearm and would like to have a cyber kinetic weapon


attached too it. Like a beam of energy that will shoot out at will. Some thing like Predator. 

Edited by Unovas, 08 February 2017 - 12:02 AM.

#7 Techno Universal

Techno Universal


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Posted 08 February 2017 - 01:19 AM

I would probably have some sort of futuristic super computer unit installed into my brain that even has abilitys based off equestrian magic plus new ones can be programmed into it if you know how to do it that is. Like it would have a sensor interface and have it's own inbuilt AI engine for movement and transport like it could get me home on the train without even doing anything it's just it's highly dependent on brain data imput for it's functions but it's capable of becoming a full companion of your own brain or being a mostly independent AI system. But from there I might end up making my hole body into a robotic guy that still has his human brain. :)

#8 cmarston1



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Posted 09 February 2017 - 11:59 AM

I would replace my leg with some kinda super advanced cyborg leg.

#9 Dreambiscuit



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Posted 14 February 2017 - 04:01 AM

If I'm going to get an upgrade, I'd like to have a pair of white Pegasus wings, but only if they're functional. Without flight they'd just be an encumbrance to my wardrobe and I'd just as soon skip it. 

Aesthetically I'd really love a nice fluffy tail; a fox tail if you got 'em. They're so pretty and even functional; great for balance, pushing open doors and sometimes dusting those hard to reach places. It should be a red fox tail though. Those are my favorites.  :proud:

#10 Widdershins



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Posted 15 February 2017 - 09:22 AM

@PumpkinCharm,   Well now, if you want durability you don't have to look much further than sharks' teeth! Almost mechanical in the way they instantaneously replace themselves! Thought hey do always wind up looking a bit funny due to placement so you gonna wind up with a much wider, gummier smile to yah!   (Also, side note! Your name is so adorable!!)


And use one of my arm to make extra arms, so i could carry more stuff.

That latter one almost sounds like a starfish arm. Just pull it off & another one or two pops right back by the end of the day!


@Unovas,  There ya go! Literal arm cannons are absolutely neat! Like wossnames, that Rock fellow.

 Seems robotic limbs are quite the popular notion, I would say to be more specific about it, buuut it is mechanics and that sort of is already based around customizing them to fit the vict- subject anyway, soooo....   Eh, there's far too many of them already, If you ask me, all you cyborgs look alike to me!


@Techno UniversalEh-Teh-Teh, There Technicorn! I can't just put one chip into yo' head to give you the capacity to turn your legs into rail wheels sos you can ride the tracks back home! If I did that I would have to replace the rest of your brain too in order for it to mesh well with the gadgetry I put into it & after that point, I mean, how do you know that you been upgraded? Sure, there's PARTS we can put into for a sorta half n' half deal like that one titanic teen superhero feller that was some sorta cyborg, but I can't remember his name right now.  Feel certain there's been some sorta animeish show-place where they got bio-enhancements that reshape flesh into blade-like projections but... hmm, think I need examples & samples.



@BlueBrony,   &   @Dreambiscuit,

  Naaah, it ain' cheatin'! Tails are a popular number & fair easy to get! But that's the thing about cat/fox tails is that they seem to be chiefly fluff without the function. Gorgeous, by all means! But they seem to have half as much muscle & actual tail to them, to where you can't exactly lift anything with them. For that, you need something perhaps a bit meatier & prehensile like.... hmm, let's see... a monkey tail?  While I... don't particularly like the idea of spreading monkey appearances around... It does give me a good excuse to mutilate a primate!


   Oh, and about the wings, Dreamboat... I mean, Totalbiscuit. Way I see wings is that, like any limb you would have to train for flight like you would your legs for some ten K running marathon. You can fly eventually, sure, but be prepared to put constant physical training into it. Especially on account of most of you groundbound mortals not really having the proper bone structure to be airborne. Though on that side of the field, IMHO wings are some of the BEST things to accessorize!

   Major aesthetic props to the both of you bruhs!

#11 Satrox



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Posted 15 February 2017 - 09:59 AM

That latter one almost sounds like a starfish arm. Just pull it off & another one or two pops right back by the end of the day!


yep pretty much, it would be nice to have regeneration  

#12 GrimGrimoire



  • Donors

Posted 15 February 2017 - 10:58 AM

None, since I would feel pretty silly and awkward running around with some out of place limb on my very human body. Sure some things would be pretty awesome such as wings, a tail, claws or some such... but then i would be labeled a freak and an outcast and it would just draw more unwanted attention to myself than I would prefer. So yeah, I am kind of an all or nothing kind of individual....


That being said if I could exist in a situation where that was avoidable, a robotic arm with many different types of attachments would be pretty cool. And if we are going with organic, then dragon wings would be a pretty awesome option. I just would want the claws, tail and skin to go with it.  :orly:

#13 Frosty Frost

Frosty Frost


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Posted 15 February 2017 - 11:12 AM

Well, getting a tail or wings is not an option for me, since it would be a real hassle with clothing.

So now I'm really not sure what to pick.

Ech, if I could get it to work with the clothes, then I'd go with a nice pair of black-feathered wings. It would be weird at first, but I could maybe get used to it. And it might also have some nice perks if I practice a lot.

#14 FizzyGreen



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Posted 15 February 2017 - 11:51 AM


I've got something in my sick mind

But's lets keep it safe here, shall we?


I'd like a functional magical horn on my forehead like a unicorn and learn magic because oh ho ho! That's gonna be science big time!  :love:

(And also like the native ability to disable it / make it disappear as a basic function because lets face it, i would look so stupid)

Edited by FizzyGreen, 15 February 2017 - 11:53 AM.

#15 PumpkinCharm



  • Muffins

Posted 17 February 2017 - 08:19 AM

@PumpkinCharm, Well now, if you want durability you don't have to look much further than sharks' teeth! Almost mechanical in the way they instantaneously replace themselves! Thought hey do always wind up looking a bit funny due to placement so you gonna wind up with a much wider, gummier smile to yah! (Also, side note! Your name is so adorable!!)

Yes! Shark teeth! That sounds like EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Chomp chomp... the best part is, I'd never have to go to the dentist!
(Thank you for the compliment!)

#16 Vulon Bii

Vulon Bii

    Dragonlord of memes

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Posted Yesterday, 03:10 PM

Obviously, I want my pe-




I would want to replace both eyes with bionic eyes that allow me to see in any environment and be able to "zoom and enhance" on whatever I'm looking at. And have a heads-up display would be cool.

Edited by Vulon Bii, Yesterday, 05:29 PM.

#17 Lil' Lovebug

Lil' Lovebug


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Posted Yesterday, 03:31 PM

I'd probably want to replace my lower half with that of some sort of giant snake, or maybe even giant spider. If I go the snake rout, it's probably want a snake-like tongue and maybe some scales up my back. If i went the spider route I might replace my eyes for a few spider-like eyes.


TL;DR: Turn me into a Lamia or Arachne.

Edited by Lil' Lovebug, Yesterday, 03:33 PM.

#18 Rarity the Supreme

Rarity the Supreme


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Posted Yesterday, 04:10 PM

I'd probably have my neck bones replaced by those of an owl, allowing myself to crane my neck 320 degrees round. It would be cool to see people's reactions to it and it would be seen as a talent rather than a disfiguration. Either that, or my arm replaced by a mechanical arm that can shoot energy blasts and lasers

#19 Olsen1987



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Posted Yesterday, 05:15 PM

oh dear, i'd become less human than the average shrimp, i guess.
just one body part?

well, here's my choices.

to remove pieces of my skull:

-horns, or demon horns, think of the Balrog from the LotR (if you seen it).

-or a not too long unicorn horn, like alicorn Twily, with built in magic abilities (work would be soooooo easy if i could levitate things 30 times my body weight).


a couple ribs maybe in exchange for:

-wings, angel wings? nah, wings are wings, would need to be big enough that i can use them for flying, fly long, and fast, and agile, like rainbow dash.
oh, black wings, black is awesome.


arms in exchange for:

-modular arms, with great attaching power, being able to change what's attached to my "arms", like the Cyberdemons fireball launcher (from Doom), gatling guns, hammers, power tools, etc.

take your pick, or maybe all in one?

#20 Widdershins



  • Users

Posted Yesterday, 07:20 PM

Obviously, I want my pe-
  Echidna. What? I've already got the form all filled out & shipped off for replacement. Well, you shoulda finished your sentence! It'll be there in five to fifteen days... or years, I ain't good with time.


@Lil' Lovebug,

  Well, I have to agree there too. Part snake sounds awesome!  Course, you kind of need a full set of scales, because you just know wherever they end you'll get dust in and it'll just itch like all get out. Scales is more function than accessory in my book.

  I can't help but think the first few days without back legs for support are going to lead to some hilarious face-planting antics! I can see it now! "Learning to Slither!" Promise me you'll YouTube that when it happens! Hah!


or maybe all in one?

Sure thing! Now let me just shove these horns & feathers into  this garbage disposal & duct tape it to your back... there! My best work yet!

  ...also, the only Balrog horns I have are permanently on fire so... that might hurt a bit when I apply them.

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