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Inspiration to begin again

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Yesterday I asked for some advice on if i should remix some of the older music from earlier in the fandom and i've gotten positive feedback from that which had reminded me why i became a Brony in the first place so i went ahead and reopened/revived my YouTube Channel which has both of my Artist names on it Southern Brony and keyOfG and it has only one song on it which was a very basic remix of WoodenToaster's "Pinkie's Lie" on it I made just over a year ago. so here is the link to my very simple remix of WoodenToaster/Glaze's gem "Pinkie's Lie"



Please enjoy, I hope i posted this in the right area and any and all feedback/critque is welcome                                  







                                                                                                             -Southern Brony/KeyOfG

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It's a decent remix. 


However, watch those plucked sustained pulse waves. They are quite loud and sort of drown out Pinkie's samples. Those beginning bright sawtooths need to be out of the filter a little more. Either your cutoff is too low or your resonance needs to be turned down. A melodic filtered chorused squarewave running on quarters would fit here. In terms of your percussion, it's too stale! Change up your rhythms and add some tom-tom fills and maybe a breakdown or two. 


All in all, it's a decent remix but it could use quite a bit of work when it comes to development. I'm always here if you need help in what I said in my critique. Just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you. 

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So cool! I love the lil different effects it has from the original song. specially i like that one that sounds like a piano or something

I love Glaze/WoodenToaster so much ♥♥♥ i wish he released new music so much often  :(


keep training and step by step you gonna do more amazing remixes!

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