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I am back!

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Some of you may know me. Some of you may not. However the case, I am RoboBro2002(AKA: FunPony), and I have returned to this lovely server! I started back in January of 2015 and established myself pretty well I like to believe. I have moved far down in rank due to my lack of playing


I see you have reset as well. As happy as I am about that I'm also saddened for my build left on the old world. Is the old world available for download or something?


Here's an Imgur gallery of many photos from my time on the server:

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Hey Robobro!  There is still time to save your build, if you haven't already.  You can port one build over!  You'll need to downgrade to 1.8 in order to rejoin /survivalold  any staff mod and upwards should be able to help you move over!  Welcome back!

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