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Any Good MLP Servers Aside From This?

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A single property functional and populated server can only take you so far. Any advice on other MLP Minecraft servers? I mean, I do like this server, it's better than other "MLP" servers I've been on (which either has class items that can only be found and used in the lobby for some reason, or are just literally inaccessible, this one is like Heaven in comparison. Those others don't even have MLP mods.)


My point is, this server is my only hope, and if it fails I don't know where else to go. It's always good to have a backup.

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There used to be the server. It was a competitor to PoniArcade/PonyMC. It specialized in a recreation of Equestria, and was just as good as PoniArcade's Equestria map. (Maybe even a bit better.)


Brohoof has since closed down, and is replaced by a server called PonyvilleSquare. It is sort of a survival adventure map, with quests or something. 

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