Music Animaniacs - Rita's songs (help)

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I don't know how I never knew about these songs before but I think they are awesome. And I would love to have the original versions of these songs if they even exist (without the dialogues and scene noises).

I don't know if they were released or not, but if they were, and you know, I'd thank you a lot if you at least told me if they even exist.


Here are some examples





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As far as I know there were only three official Animaniacs albums released. They are "Steven Spielberg presents Animaniacs" "Yakko's World" and "Animaniacs Variety Pack". For some reason they're almost exclusively the three Warners doing the singing, which seems like a waste of Bernadette Peters' talents. 

In fact, looking at the song lists, I don't see any of her songs. So quite a glaring oversight there. Unless someone did the work and compiled these songs on Youtube or something, we can only assume they ended up in the proverbial cat box. 


Sorry I don't have more uplifting news to share.  :pout: I wouldn't mind listening to her song list myself. 

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I see.  Thanks for the info though. Sad stuff.

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