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This April, BABSCon welcomes back brony fan animator extraordinaire MInty Root as our latest Community Guest!


Minty Root is a Canadian fan animator who you might recognize for his work on Dinky's Destiny, Good Morning Baltimare, the upcoming Luna's Determination, and many other fan animated projects including our 2017 animation! Minty isn't your typical snappy comedy animator, his work is slow, heartbreaking, silent and driven by very careful framing, lighting and detailed scenery.


Minty Root joins fellow Community Guests Duo Cartoonist this year at BABSCon. Sponsor tickets that include the Guest of Honor Meet and Greet are still available but, will disappear fast! So don’t be left out of this chance to meet animation greatness and register today:


BABSCon has more Community Guest Announcements coming very soon to a pony media outlet near you!

(Art by Minty Root)

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