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Technical Issues Unable to access Ponyverse through Blackberry 10

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I'm no longer able to access the poniverse login through my blackberry 10. Poniverse (not MLPforums) is listed as a security risk and I am not granted accsess. Not even the ability to say that I accept and undertand the risks. Just straight out denial.


I used to be able to login prior. Has something changed about poniverse recently? And if not, is there another way for me to access the login screen?

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I remember having the same issue on desktop.


After months of normally browsing the forums, one day I got a message about security risk and couldn't get to the site in any way. Because of that, I couldn't login to the forums for a day, because it was trying to connect with Poniverse, which was returning that block screen. I was looking for some information online and everywhere there was a note, that when such a message appears, we can 'skip' it by pressing a button, that apparently I didn't have. However, the issue fixed itself after ~8 hours or something like this. I don't remember if that was the button finally appearing or just the message disappearing though.


I could get to every single site, except Poniverse.

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