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I moved into my house on Feb 1st, and I'm finally getting my office set up. Unfortunately since I'm renting, I can't do anything permanent or major that I can't correct later. One of my walls I'm setting up to be cat friendly, so my beasties have a place to climb.

My office is also where I hold meetings with customers, and with social workers, and so on, so I'm looking to make it really visually interesting, and welcoming- while on a budget. I intend to put all my fan stuff out and on shelves, and put my posters and stuff out. However, I'm looking to decorate my walls with a few small paintings (max size 15"x15" inch). I'm considering pixel art.

I might do a few Mario related ones, but frankly Mario art in geek offices has gotten really cliche. I'm looking to do mostly pokemon and MLP stuff. Do you have any recommendations of art that might look cool in my office? Also, any DIY geek stuff that might be cool in an office?

(I like Doctor Who, Star Trek, MLP, and Pokemon)

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My wife and I are renting an apartment and my computer is set up behind our sectional sofa and I have 3 MLP Figures sitting in front of the monitor on display. Rainbow Dash, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Cadence. My wife loves Cadence because Cadence and Shining Armor resemble us and our love for each other (sappy I know) lol but so far that's all we have as far as "geek" decor goes.

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we're renting and we have a music/art studio, its cluttered with Pokemon, Mario, ponies and Fallout merch at the moment. We have some posters to put up soon too - Wonderbolts, Zelda, Pokemon and Fallout ones really. Our living room is being taken over by Nintendo collectibles, again mostly Zelda and Mario plushies and things. 


Some really cool things would be get more models of vehicles or the pricier figures of characters, couple of game themed cushions too. I just bought a pokeball one this weekend. Just go nuts on what you want! Show off your fave games and films. 

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