Adventure Help me with Dark Days storyboard?

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Hi, Raider Caltrop here, a.k.a. Caltrop.. I'm currently trying to write my own Fallout Equestria side story, "Dark Days" and as of now, I am out of Ideas for its storyboard.


I have the three protagonists laid out as follows:


1. My main OC, Viridian Shadow Bloodmoon, a half bat pony-half earth pony filly that was Homage's assistant at one point.. She is age 11

2. Thunder Spark, a banished Pegasus Enclave sniper with a 70's getup, leather jacket/sunglasses.. He is age 21

3. Toxic, a wayward Changeling Raider, saved by the other two from a gunfight gone wrong, has a birthmark above her right eye and looks more like a Pegasus than a changeling, but can still change.. She is age 25


Viridian's Weapon(s) of Choice: Electrified Machete, Filly-sized prop 12-gauge Shotgun (chambered to use live rounds)


Thunder's Weapon(s) of Choice: Battle saddle equipped with dual .50 cal Snipers (silencers included), Switchblade


Toxic's Weapon(s) of Choice: Radioactive Rail-gun, Balefire Warhammer (its a super sledge with radioactive properties)


Location: Area in and around San Franciscolt


 What I need from anyone that looks at this is, a few ideas for the basic storyboard for "Dark Days" minor/major locations, minor/major characters etc.


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I would love to help. I am a fellow fanfic writer. Working on my own map fanfic at the moment.

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I was thinking on getting some people's OC's from the forums and putting them in Dark Days as well, I'll maybe start a thing as a different Topic..

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