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Say you're at home one day minding your own business when all of a sudden, you hear a knock on your door.


The knock doesn't sound muffled and fleshy, as you are accustomed to.

You go outside to investigate and find a pink envelope with a ribbon of the same color binding it.

Also, a lot of stuff is broken such as your mailbox, that plant that you loved, and a car somewhere off in the distance.

Curiously, you open the envelope...

...and look inside...

...you pause for a moment, as your breath leaves you...

Tis an invitation.

To a party.

To a party hosted by Pinkie Pie.



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Whoa. If it was real, I'd be super pumped and probably squee a little, but have a knife ready incase...i think you can guess.


If it was fake, there would be no stopping me amd my genocidal rage against all who stand in my eay until either the culprit is mercilessly slaughtered or the entirs population is decimated.

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