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Fallout games set in Europe

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Probably not... the Vaults were an American thing so they wouldn't be in the game, and from what I've heard Europe is irradiated to high hell. So there is more than likely no signs of life other than maybe feral ghouls, and a few other creatures that dwell in radiation.

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There's a possibility, but then it might involve changing the lore (though they didn't seem to care with the lore changes in Fallout 4). What is more likely than Europe, in my opinion, is a game set in China, South America or even Japan. I think a game set in China, showing the other side of the war, could really revitalise the series.


Still, A fallout set in the decaying ruins of Paris or the cluttered streets of London, or even somewhere less prominent like Budapest or Vienna, would be fucking awesome. A change of setting could do wonders for the Fallout series, I think. A change of culture from "shockingly American" to something else might show a different world than one viewed through the ultra-capitalist lens. But, there's plenty of branches of US culture that haven't been explored yet. The deep south, The northwest, and so on. A fallout set in the redwood forests of Washington and the Seattle area would be awesome.


bethesda pls

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