Selfie Snapshots

Hello. My name is Selfie..Selfie Snapshots aka The Selfie Pony :3

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Hey EFNW horses I noticed there is a introduction board so I felt like I should do this.

so who am I?

hm....that's a good question.

In a nutshell I'm that crazy mare you see running around the halls of EFNW taking hundreds of selfies :3

I started doing this three years ago back at EFNW 2014 when a "Manly Brony" named DustyKatt strangled me :3 while I took a selfie with him.

then for some odd reason I started taking selfies...

and before I knew it I had taken 200 selfies XD

eventually the con goers started calling me Selfie Pony.

and so I found my calling...Taking selfies with everypony.

it's been years now...

so much has changed....

I travel to so many cons and take so many selfies

so many new people.

and the quest never ends. 


Being Selfie Horse has changed my life so much...and tbh I have EFNW My home con to thank. :3

...hmmm idk what else to write...uh

Ill see y'all at the next con? :D

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Hello Selfie Snapshot! Welcome to the MLP Forums where we bronies gather round, role play and discuss about everything.


We hope you'll have a wonderful time here! ;)

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Nice OC! Btw, Carrot Sticks HATES modern tech. So you should stay away from her.. XD

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woooo. ^w^ glad to hear your gonna be there again this year. I'm so pumped for it. Sure I'll bump into you at some point. You got my pic right at con start last year. Be sure you grab a shot with our Overwatch cosplay team. Should see an Ana, Mcree, 76 and D'VA running about.

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