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Rabbit and Lochlan O'Neil Hop Down the BABSCon Trail

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Hippity Hoppin’, BABSCon’s here this weekend! But don’t think for a second that means The Bay Area Brony Spectacular is out of Jelly Beans or Community Guests!  So remember to be good girls and boy for our latest Community Guests Rabbit and Lochlan O’Neil are on their way! 


Lochlan O’Neil is a professional actress, voice actress, and model hailing from Northern Colorado. She has been working in the entertainment industry for almost six (6) years now and loves every bit of it. Aside from acting, Lochlan spends a majority of her time sewing and designing costumes. Lochlan’s talent with cosplay and ability to portray different characters has allowed her to travel to different conventions across the country running all kinds of panels and events. She has done everything from birthday parties to in character panels to arm wrestling for charity in six inch heels, and is always up for trying something new.


Rabbit has been in the cosplay community for over fifteen (15) years and ventured into the MLP Cosplay community four (4) years ago. She has won several awards for her costumes, judged several contests, and enjoys spending time at conventions teaching others about cosplay. As of late, Rabbit can be found working with other cosplayers, teaching, dressing up, and having an all around fun time at every convention she goes to.

Rabbit and Lochlan O'Neil will also be judging and hosting (respectively) our Cosplay contest at 1:15 PM on Saturday in the Mane Hall! Be sure to sign up and strut your stuff at our Pre-judging at 11:15 am on Saturday in the Solar Hall if you'd like to participate!

Lochlan O’Neil and Rabbit join The Paper Pony, The Chocolate Pony, Argodaemon, WeimTime, Magpiepony, Saberspark, ToonKriticy2k, Corpulent Brony, ACRacebest, Dusty Katt, Doctor Wolf, Josh Scorcher, Silver Quill, Minty Root and Duo Cartoonist as Community Guests this year at BABSCon. Only eleven (11) sponsor tickets that include the Guest of Honor Meet and Greet are still available, but will vanish faster than a chocolate bunny in an Easter Basket! So do the thing you should and register today: registration.babscon.com

BABSCon looks forward to seeing you this weekend in San Francisco! Be sure to keep an eye on your local Brony News Site for any last minute news and announcements!

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