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Hello everyone I'm Chaotic Overlord and welcome to another Isfet  verse RP of mine. In this RP however Isfet is not the main focus no their children IJ are IJ which includes twisted versions of dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls are much like their parents sadistic, egomanic, psychopathic chaos gods. But unlike them their childish immaturity and lack of understanding of the limits of power make them even more dangerous. 

This is based on Bad End Friends so their corrupted hero gang fill include 

Beast Wurt (over the garden wall) 


Ice Fiin (adventure time)

Steaven Diamond (Steven universe )

Evil Morty (rick and Marty 

Demoic Star and Marco (star vs the forces of evil ) 

the elements of disharmony (MLP of course) 

the plot is basically this the main heroes of these shows fall into isfet's twisted little world and must fight to survive 

I'll handle IJ but if you wish to apply for a main or corrupted hero tell me here also if you want more info on isfet's world 

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