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Hello everypony. My name is RainbowDash/Cadance becuase they are my favorite ponies. If you don't agree, thats fine by me. My favorite type of pony is an Alicorn. EX: Unicorn horn; I'm lazy. Need a glass of water, use magic to get it. 2nd EX: Pegasus wings; I like to go on swings really high and travel on airplanes. Imagine how flying would be like? I like My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic because....It's epic. I welcome any bronies into my world with open arms. I like to draw ponies on my school notebooks and make posters for my room. :wub: Well anyways, most of the people I know, are bronies. Because of me.. I usually talk about them alot, so my friends watch some episodes and instantly like it. Thank you mlp and your superausomazingness.



Peace, /brohoof to all my bronies :);)

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