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Hey everyone, I'm Derpin'. .3.

Just Derpin'

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Hey everyone!
I'm Derpin', and I talk in a very derpy manner.

I'm here to have fun and make some new epic friends, so is anypony ready yet? Heheh!

Okey Dokey Loki....

I LOVE to draw,

My favorite ponies (eeyup, ponIES there are just too many lovely ponies to choose from. XD) are Surprise, Pinkie Pie, Discord, Chrysalis, RBD and of course SweetieBot.

SweetieBot is a parody of SweetieBell who is a robot.

A bit of advice, watch MLP Friendship Is WitchCraft, I thought it was really funny.

Also, if there're any fellow HomeStuck bronies out there, brohoof to you man.

Brohoof to you.

One more thing, ONLY ONE I PINKIE PROMISE, even though I'm a girl, I'd prefer if you called me a brony. 'Pegasister' isn't half as cool sounding.


Oh, and I like Big Mac and AppleJack, they remind me of AppleJuice.

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I think Pegasister sounds better. However, if you want to be called a brony, then I have no choice in calling you it then. :P Welcome to the herd!

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