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Cestrum's Commissions (Digital) - OPEN

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Welcome to my Commission Shop
>> Status - OPEN <<

My Work Queue - Click To View

What I can draw - MLP species, Anthro characters, Animals, and Humanoid Characters.


  • I am a full time college student before all else. I will do my best to complete your commissions in a timely manner and PM you with updates when progress is made
  • Feel free to ask about other types of characters or species (includes other quad type characters or humanoids)
  • I do offer "suggestive" (PG13) commissions, but the art will not be posted on MLP Forums. Feel free to PM if you have specific questions.
  • Complex character designs will receive a custom price (additional small fee) in normal commissions AND "MLP OC Customs". Please PM me if you have questions/concerns.
  • You are free to re-upload YOUR finished piece as you see fit, as long as my credit/signature remains intact, and the image is not used for profit.

Order Form

Please leave a comment below to order your commission. If you have questions about pricing or my art, feel free to PM me~

In order to draw your character accurately, I will need some info and details about them up front.
It's not required to use this template, but I'm offering it for the ease of others when ordering.
That said, please try and give at least the information listed below, and add anything else you find helpful!
OC Name
Physical Description or Ref Images
Cutie Mark Image or Description (if applicable)
Pose Image or Description
Commissions I Offer
  • Pony Mochi - A cute little blob version of your MLP OC. Fits right in the palm of your hand!
    • Flat Color Only = $5
    • Additional Character = $5
  • EQG Style Chibi - A stylized chibi of your MLP OC(s) based on the Equestria Girls movie. Can be "ponied up" or "normal". Applies to other MLP species like goats, or griffons, etc.
    • Flat Color Only = $15
    • Additional Characters = $5 each
  • MLP OC Custom - I draw an MLP OC based on your specifications! Can be any of the pony species, or gryphons, dragons, changeling, etc. Whatever you can think up.
    • Flat Color Only = $15
    • Complex details/designs (such as intricate armor or glowing markings) will increase base price into a custom one.
  • Full Body Character - full body drawing of your OC(s) in a pose of your choice, includes a transparent or simple color background.
    • Flat Color = $10
    • Cel Shaded = $12
    • Soft Shaded = $15
    • Additional Characters = $5 each
  • Full Drawing - drawing of your OC(s) in a full, complex scene (drawn and colored background). Something like a park, a beach, an arcade, a forest or cave...
    • Flat Color = $20
    • Cel Shaded = $30
    • Soft Shaded = $40
    • Additional Character = $5 each
  • Bust Expression GIF - Flat Color Only; 
    • $20 for pack of 2 expressions
    • Additional expressions = $5 each
Art Examples

>>> EQG Chibi (can be Ponified or Normal) - these are flat color only

  • Also offering these in other MLP Species, like goats, cows, changelings, or other species.


>>> Steven Universe Gemsona (Humanoid examaple) - Full Body OC in Flat Color


>>> Full Body Griffon OC in Flat Color


>>> 2 Griffon OCs (Flat Color) in a full scene. Sold as "Full Drawing (Flat Color)" in the shop

  • Extra characters are $5 each. Listed as "Additional Character" in the shop


>>> OC Reference Sheet (mine) in Flat Color - not available in the shop right now


>>> Animated GIF of my OC in black and white. Sold as "Bust Expression GIF (Flat Color)" in the shop.

  • 2 Expressions included, but you can add more. Listed as "Additional Bust Expression" in the shop.



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16 hours ago, Silver Herald said:

Cuuuuute! Let me know when you're off hold! ^^

I definitely will, thanks for showing interest ^u^

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"Bump, bump, sugar rump~!"   :D


Hey there everyone, my commission shop is now open for business!

I also added some examples of my non-MLP art if you're interested in ordering it.

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Your art intrigues me! I may have something for you very soon. :D

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4 hours ago, Dark Horse said:

Your art intrigues me! I may have something for you very soon. :D

Thank you so much for your interest, I look forward to it! :pinkie:

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