Happy Camper [Accordion House]

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This month's song is a quick and happy one that started out life as a commission, and then I decided to polish it a little more and post it! It is short, sweet, and perfectly silly.

You can get the HQ download on ponyfm:

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Can I just say that this is perhaps the most catchy tune I've heard up to date? I mean, it's not cheesy. It is a very developed and memorable tune! Though I must say using the vi, IV and ii would've helped in terms of progression sounds. 

Really like those sweeping pulse waves moving in and out of filters. They really have character there. Excellent use of percussion and those noise sweeps. 

All in all, marvelous work! I could listen to this anytime and anywhere honestly. 

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This song is good, catchy, sounds nice, but the rhythm is confusing - sometimes is basic, like pop or something, then it goes to nearly dance, but without drums, when you're just begging for a drop. I'd like to see (or rather hear?) this in remixed version :twi:

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