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What do you do when you are bored?

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- Play TF2 [if I can.]

- Draw

- Write Fanfiction

- Browse TF2Chan/Reddit/Facebook/MLPforums.

- Eat

- Bathe


Or, do really weird stuff... like tomorrow, I'll have nothing to do, so I'm going to explore a derelict, buried train tunnel that lies beneath the village I live in :3

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I'm an electronics type of guy. I usually mess with my IPod or computer when I'm bored. I actually wrote my own virus one time. Sent it to my arch nemesis :3. Know ALL the passwords! Nah jk it was harmless. Gave him a scare, though.

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Practice throwing knives, hone my balisong skills, watch something on Netflix, play Resident Evil: Revelations, jump on my trampoline, browse YouTube, goof around on a couple forums, listen to music, or read a magazine.

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Read web comics that I'm forever behind on, play random video games, download random video games, Read posts here, Draw ponies.

I think that's all.

OHP forgot, watch MLP/Anime/other stuff.

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-Watch My Little Pony

-Play music

-Play video games

-Listen to music

-Browse the interwebz (mostly reddit, mlpforums, facebook)

-Do some homework (when I'm REALLY bored)



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Watch a movie, play video games, masturbate, make and eat deliscious food, browse teh interwebz, post in forums, read, work on and playtest some of my numerous magic decks, rock and roll all night, party everyday, make strange weapons, listen to music, burn things...


I can generally find something to do :)

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