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I need you're guys opinion on my oc character I made


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Hi guys recently not so long ago I finish drawing an oc character and I wanna know what are you're thoughts about my drawing. Darkshadow Dash inspire me to draw her.


I also got permission to use some line arts of ponies that a member on deviant art had made you can see her homepage here http://luthiandracul.deviantart.com/#/d3h60qi.


Also the rest I did myself so let me know what you guys think of my drawing I made of my new oc character I am working on and let me hear you opinion on it.


Ps. Also I am not sure If this is the right topic for this.





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Thank you I am glad you guys like it so far x3 I did this all by mouse no tablet was use in doing this drawing . But it was a nightmare tho took me almost the whole day just to finish her the program I used to draw her was paint.net.

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