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Hello there!

So, I run this MLP Webcomic, where it is about a young inexperienced Dragon, who does not know what he is doing.  He is trying to help gain allies with the ponies, while his own homelands are under attack!

However, Pony Politics is not as easy, is it seems. So the young and inexperienced ambassador, has to learn the hard way as to how pony politics work.

I am the story Writer/MOD and my friend "The Professor" is the one who draws the strips.

Will the Ambassador Gain the ponies as Allies? Will he make a fool of himself? Let's Find out!

Link to the web comic in Story Order:

Link to Front page:

Below you will see a handful of panels from the web-comic and sending in questions or statements via Tumblr, does help influence the story.

Come on down and help the Ambassador!



Chapter 2_The next day_57.png

Chapter 2_The next day_36.png

Chapter 2_The next day_25.png

Pony Politics part 8.jpg

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