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Equestria: A Short Story Written By Rumtin


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This short story was written by me. I wrote it when I noticed another post below asking whether going out and claiming a land as our own would be a good idea. I apologize in advance if you dislike anything about this story but I predict it would happen this way. Enjoy!


What would happen if bronies went and claimed a land for their own? Here's what would happen.

The Bronies would arrive to this new land excited for what they could accomplish. This land, formerly known as Scotland, would be called Equestria. They would begin to build homes replicated off of the homes in the show. They would name their cities based off of the show as well. After a year of harmony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic would be canceled because of what the bronies had done. Equestrian terrorists, also known as Shadow Bolts, would kidnap the employees of Hasbro and take them hostage. The only thing that would appease the Shadow Bolts would be to reair the show. Obama, The President of the United States, would not obey because their country would never give in to terrorists. Eventually, things will tension up between the US and Equestria and they would have a war. Equestria would come out on top because many bronies still do not live in Equestria and could backstab their fellow US soldiers. Many of the European countries would use their pre World War II tactic of appeasement so they wouldn't be involved. After a hostile takeover of Australia, many asian countries would surrender. The Middle Eastern countries would be Equestria's allies since we destroyed the US, but the alliance would eventually end and they would fall as well. By this time, we would have our own animators making episodes of the show, sending subniminal messages to the viewers stating that we must takeover the world. The domino theory would take place as each nation fell one by one. The last nation standing in our way would be Canada. However, the Canadians offered to bribe the bronies as to avoid their doom. It would not work because they would bribe them with cash when bronies use bits as currency. Finally, the bronies stood alone in the world with nopony to get in their way of enjoying the show. Many years will pass until one question would be given to one of the princesses. "Who is best pony?"

The princess ignored the question and finished the hearing. This made many equestrians remember the argument they once had before moving to this new land. Equestria would then be divided into 6 different areas. The Applejack fans were located in North America. The Raritys spanned only across Russia. The Fluttershys took over all of South America. The Rainbow Dash fans settled in most of Asia. The rest of Asia and the Middle East was covered with Pinkie Pie fans. Europe was filled with Twilight Sparkle fanatics. Everywhere else had their own specific pony as well. Needless to say, the Rainbow Dash fans made their way into Pinkie Pie territory immediately. The Rarity fans knew they had to back up the Rainbow Dash fans because they had more territory and would eventually beat Pinkie Pie. This war would eventually be won by The Rainbow Dash fans and would be known as The Rainbow War. As promised, the Rarity fans would receive part of the Pinkie Pie territory. Applejack fans would find The Rainbow War to be a disgrace to all of Equestria and would claim war on the Rainbow Dash lovers. Applejack worshipers requested both the help of Fluttershys and Twilights, but only the Twilights came to their rescue. The Fluttershys were fighting a battle of their own against multiple different minor ponies such as Lyras, Derpys, and Big Macintoshs. Finally, all fighting ended between the four major pony groups. The Rainbows had already taken many casualties when taking down the Pinkies, thus their empire fell. The Raritys managed to surpass the Applejacks and took over their land as well. There were only three strong powers left in Equestria. The Twilights, The Raritys, and The Fluttershys. No more alliances were being forged and The Raritys took a sneak attack on The Fluttershys' nation. In the end, the Raritys had to surrender to the Fluttershys and give up their land. However, like King Cyrus The Great of Persia, The Fluttershys allowed the Rarity fans to worship whatever pony they wish. The Twilights didn't stand a chance and were eventually overtaken. At last, the best pony was discovered, or so they thought. A crazy Rarity fan by the name of Kevin Underwood would start up a rebel group that claimed that Rarity was still best pony. Eventually this rebel group was eradicated and all the bronies still alive would end up living a very harsh life without many resources. Time will pass and Earth's resources will be dried out clean. All remaining bronies would pass on and all humans would die out.





If you want me to make a full length story adding much more detail, then please ask!

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