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Uploading another artist's music


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So the artist in question is Crystarium, whom I found recently and love their music. None of it is on pony.fm, although there is an archived account named Crystarium with no content whatsoever. I'd like to upload this artist's music to pony.fm with all respect to the original creator, by first reclaiming the archived account so it can be under their name. I will message them through YouTube to let them know that I have done this, and that they may have the account if they wish. Any thoughts/objections from anypony?

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I personally would like to upload a song, mainly for archival purposes, because I have a song, based off the comics (windy the windigo) that hardly sees the light of day. I want to give the artist who made it credit, but I don't want it to just remain obscure. I hope eventually we get answers here.


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