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Spike's friendship with Starlight

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Heh, when I wrote that comment that was before "Once Upon a Zeppelin" and the S7 finale came out. Those two episodes I think would make me to re-evaluate some of my statements, especially in how characters don't necessarily have to fight for screen time in all instances. :)

As for Spike becoming friends with Starlight's friends, he and Trixie are an interesting duo because we never actually got to see them "bury the hatchet," as it were. He didn't appear at all in "No Second Prances," and only briefly stood nearby her in the S6 finale. While they must be friends from how they interacted in "All Bottled Up," it would have been interesting to see how they eventually came to accommodate one another since they were definitely adversarial at the end of S3's "Magic Duel."

I think Spike and Sunburst would really hit it off if he lived in Ponyville. I could see him really getting into Spike's O&O sessions on Guy's Night. I think that might be the main thing they'd do together as friends, though - I just can't see Spike getting into antiquing or geeking out over arcane knowledge. Spike may be good at keeping track of Twilight's spellbooks, but there's no indication he actually knows many of the spells contained within each of them.

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On 5/27/2017 at 5:59 PM, MegaSean45 said:

No he won't. He realizes that the changelings and dragons had a conflict in the past, and to protect Equestria, and their races from going into war, he keeps them apart. He probably wanted them to meet, but Twilight tells him the conflict, he keeps them apart, and doesn't realize Ember and Thorax don't care, and Spike starts yet another alliance and that's a step closer to his potential destiny! Not retarded, just misleading. He's still young so of course there's a mistake every now and again. Maybe his next episode this season will be even better once it gets revealed!

Yes, Spike was worried for all Equestria, also it shows he's gain some of Twilight's personality. Spike was under pressure, but glad that Thorax and Ember got along, Spike did bring out the best in Thorax and Ember.

Spike's episodes are getting better, showing he's improving.

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