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Surounded by darkness

A blanket like sleep

Day ends and night begins

The mortal soul weeps

The terror of longing

And nightmares awake

The fear creeping over

The heart quickens pace


However a sight shows

It's beautiful name

The light of a new day

Rises from the grave

With brightness arisen

It's seen through the black

the night ends it's tale

Fear is driven back


Sun rises from slumber

The faintest of smiles

Now grows into joy for

a day without trial

No fear lasts a lifetime

All horror's will end

A light for a new day

Will show you amend


(Authors comments)

Life can be a real difficult thing to handle some times. Lost loved ones, mistreatment, even simple depression. However the one thing that always helped me pull through these times of trouble was remembering that no bad thing lasts forever. I always imagined it like night and day. You dread the night for it's darkness or it's lack of time to yourself, but you always remember it ends eventually. The sun always rises, and like that, you can rely on the good things in life rising as well.

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