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-is thing on?

Uuuh... yup, totaly.

... Do I need ?

Yes. Caps, remember ?

Ugh... *inhale* allright, then. Uh, oi, who are you, pices of sc-

No, whait, 's better I introduce this.

Thank Celestia's holly butt you undertand that ! *walk away*

Hi everyone from the wasteland ! My name is Thin Chain, and the dude who was ttalking LIKE A MULE !

I can still ear you, sis !

Is my big brother Bone Saw. Whe live in what was known as Manehattan, one of the major and most active cities before the war, but probably you already know THAT story. Heck, some of you probably LIVED in that times...

Stay on the damn topic, sis.

Oh, right, *clears trhoat* due to... ehr, financial problems-

I shoot a guy in the face !

... Yeah, that will really help the Inn, Bone ! Anywho, whe decided to run this... holoblog, right ?

You should ask Cyber for that. He gave us that bloody bleeping blooping machine

Yeah, whatever. So, uh, have you some... questions, orders, or even curiosities about the wasteland ? you know, we traeled. A lot. Even in the southern regions !

Green Gash, sis.

No, Bone, don't- whait, I turn off this damn thing. *try to turn it off, then walks toward Bone Saw* What I asked you? Never. name. it. again ! I don't want even a bit of memories fromthat he-

The thing is still on.

Don't cha- what ?* turn and turn off the machine*

=0 End of Registrations 0=


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What do you like doing?

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8 hours ago, Vulcan said:

What do you like doing?


What!? *approche* oh, lemme see... *read question*... huh. Well, I don't know you, but hunting down bounties is actually a good sport and stuff to do.

... Bone.

It's true !

You should *ahem* answer with something lesser... I dunno, violent ?

I've not described how I ki-


* sigh * fine, sis, fine... except my bounty hunter thing I like reading those old pre-war books while under the effect of mad-X. 


Get drunk. A lot.

... and ?

And shooting those damn costumers that want to- *breef pause* whait... sis?

Yeah ?

If you are here, who'se looking our alcoholics and our caps?

... well... CELESTIA'S BUTTCHECKS ! *Both runs away, screams and loud shots can be heard* AND F*****G STAY THE S**T OUTTA HERE, YA F*****G F*****S ! * Bone Saw walks back to the holoregisterer* Ok, that was close. Well, bro, we see around.


=0 End of Registrations 0=

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