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The Lovely Ones


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Jillian Monroe walked into the second floor girl's bathroom at school.

When she walked in, all the girls at the mirrors rushed out, leaving the bathroom empty.

Jillian smiled at herself in the mirror, and grabbed her signature cotton candy lipgloss from her purse, and smeared some on her lips, smacking them together loudly.

Her cell phone rang and she answered it quickly.

"Hello! This is Jillian!"

Her smile faded when she realized who was on the other line.

"Quit calling me, you prick. I will find out who you are, and report you to the police!"

She hung up and huffed.

This person had been calling her for weeks now, telling her he/she knew a secret about Jillian.

But the person hadn't explained what that secret was.

Jillian decided not to let it ruin her day.

Today was a special day.

Jay was going to ask her to prom, and she would say yes.

Jay was the new hottie in school, and Jillian had been waiting for him to ask her to prom.

Everyone knew it was going to happen.

The bell rang, signaling lunch, and Jillian hurried to the cafeteria.

She sat at her usual table- the center one, of course.

And waited for all her friends to arrive and sit with her.

Her best friend arrived first, giving her a small kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Jillian! Guess who's coming this way?"

Jillian smiled and shrugged.

"Oh, I don't know, could it be... Jay?"

Her friend smiled and nodded.

"God, Emma, quit staring..!"

Jillian snapped, and her friend looked embarrassed.

"Hello, beautiful."

Jillian turned to see Jay smiling down at her.

Everyone's eyes were on her and Jay. She stood up and smoothed her skirt.

"Hi Jay. What's up?"

"I have a very important question for you."

"Oh. Okay, what is it?"

"Jillian Monroe, will you go to prom with me?"

Jillian smiled and waved her hands up and down, like she hadn't been expecting this.

"Of course! Oh my God!"

She jumped onto Jay and kissed him, and her friends (among the losers that made up the rest of the school) clapped.

She beamed and sat back down, dismissing Jay.

This was a great day.

Her phone buzzed, and she opened it to see she had a text message.

I know what you did.

You won't get away with it.

I will tell everyone.

I'll give you a week to think about it.

I'll give you some hints.

1-It happened last year.

2-You promised to never tell anyone.

3-You thought no one would ever find out.

4-If you don't figure it out, you'll never be the same when I tell everyone.

Jillian's smile disappeared, and she closed her phone.

She had no clue what this person was talking about.

But whatever it was, she needed to find out, fast.

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Nolan walked into the cafeteria when he noticed that all the students started clapping.

It's probably that girl...what's her name... Jane? It's probably Jane. She hasn't really made a fuss today.

Nolan looked to the center of the cafeteria where, as expected, Jane was soaking in all her new found attention.

She's definitely not wasting it. Kissing in public as well. She was really hungry wasn't she? Oh well, she can do whatever she wants.

Nolan made his way to the nearest empty table.

“So Fluttershy how goes things in Equestria?” There was no response.

“Shy as always I see. “

Nolan stared at the empty space to his left.

What about you Gordon? Made any exiting new discoveries in the field of theoretical physics?” Gordon didn’t reply.

“Gotta keep your mouth shut? That’s too bad. Everyone’s pretty quiet today. Oh well. I’m all ears if you feel like talking.” Nolan smiled. He wanted to appear friendly to his new friends. At least they seemed more interesting than his usual ones. His old friends were becoming too samey. Too much like real people. So the quickest solution was to dump them in favor of his new friends.

"So Fellas, whatcha want to do?"

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Jake had just gotten out of class when he saw Jillian with the new kid. <Damn she works fast> he thought to himself. He never spoke to her much, he always figured shed be like every other rich popular girl, snoody and stuck up. He never really busied himself with her, one part believing she was out of his league and another part somewhat nervous. Nah he'd much rather focus on his sports, he was much better in that area. In fact he had gotten second in region yesterday for track and field, gaining much respect for being the best discus thrower in the school. Even with his athleticism, he never garnered much respect because he didn't act like the douche bag jocks that he was around during sports, thus making him 'uncool'. He noticed her smile fading after reading a text and he immediately became curious as to what it was, but before he could go anywhere, the school football captain decided this would be a great time to give Jake a hard time.


"Sup giant?" he said snidely, "What happened yesterday? I thought you were actually good at something... heh, that second place sure begs to differ don't it?"


Jake sarcastically laughed then went serious, standing over the jock, "And yet I am still better than you. Funny how that works huh?"


The jock took a step back, slightly fazed by Jakes rare show of aggression, but he regained his composure as he shoved Jake, "Don't get close faggot!! Get your giant self out of here before I knock you to the fucking ground!"


Jake only staggered a couple steps before advancing forward, grabbing the jock from under his shoulder and with

a hard move, lifted the jock and slammed him down.


As the jock staggered to stand Jake said "Next time you mess with me, I won't be so gentle". And with that he left for the lunch line.

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Jillian noticed two things-

One, that weirdo nerd came in and started talking to an empty table and

two, that gigantic athlete came in and got into a small fight with the captain of the football team.

Jillian smiled at the red-faced captain.

She was supposed to like Jocks, but honestly, she hated them.


Jillian jumped and looked over at Sarah, who'd asked her a question.

"What is it?" Jillian snapped.

"Um. I was gonna ask if I could borrow your notes from chem.."

Sarah said meekly.

"Oh, sure darling."

Jillian put on her fake smile and reached into her pink Prada bag and pulled her notes out.

"But be careful. No eating or drinking around them and do.not.crinkle.the paper."

She handed the notes to Sarah, careful not to get her pink fake nails anywhere close to Sarah s bitten ones.

There. I've done my good deed for the day.

Jillian thought with a smug smile on her face.

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Jake was silent after his fight, he never really talked much anyway so it was normal. As he walked he noticed Sarah not watching where she was going, and she was headed toward him. He chuckled and held out a hand to gently stop her and get her attention. "Might want to look up wouldn't you say Sarah?" he said with a kind smile.

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Sarah gasped and blushed when she saw Jake, but with one look from Jillian, she quickly ran off.

Jillian stood up and walked over to Jake, smiling tightly.

"What did you say to her?"

She demanded, a hand on her hip.

"You don't have the right to be rude to everyone, giant!"

She glared at him and pursed her lips.

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Kya sighed, she really wanted to help Jake, but was far too scared. 'Come on Kya.... 30 Seconds of courage....' she thought, she ran up to the pair and quickly said "You really shouldn't bully him! He is a great person and I don't care what you do to be because I helped him!" turns on her heels and walks away swiftly. 'Good job.... Good job.' she thought, and went into Chem just as the bell rang.
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Jake was about to reply when Kya came and quickly sped through a hasty way to stand up for him. As surprised as he was to hear her speak, he was very thankful. When she left he turned to Jillian, "Umm... right... I wasn't rude to her at all. I simply said itd be best if she looked up to avoid running into anyone. Id appreciate it too if you'd stop calling me giant. I don't really like the nick name. Its pretty degrading" said Jake, so calmly it was rather surprising.

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Jillian laughed meanly.

"Who the hell does that chick think she is? Ah, I'll get to her later.."

She smiled.

"She should look up. But then people would have to see her face.

Poor girl."

She laughed again, examining her nails.

"Oh, but you are a giant. You're so giant I don't even think of you as Jake."

She smiled.

"How can I even call you a name I don't think of you as?"

She laughed and waved him away, walking with a swagger back to her friends, who were now leaving.

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The bell had rung but Nolan ignored it. He could see that a teacher was making his way toward him.

“Why Gordon, You work at CERN now right? You must take me there one day. I’m sure it will be fascinating.” Not wasting a second’s breath Nolan turned to Fluttershy. “And you Fluttershy you certainly must introduce me to your friend, what’s her name? Twilight I think. I really think that we would get along great. I heard she has a passion for books?”

Fluttershy nodded her head. At least she’s communicating. It was almost like she didn’t exist.

Nolan was about to reply but a teacher interrupted him.

“Hi…I was just wondering what you are doing in the cafeteria all alone.”

“Oh, I’m not alone. I just was enjoying my recess with a couple of my friends.”

“Well clearly, you are alone. Well…never mind that. Don’t you have a class now?”

“Well, I have chemistry in a few minutes after recess.”

“It’s after recess.”


“Well shouldn’t you be in class then?”

“I should.”


“Well what?”

“Go to class.”

“Ahh I see. Chemistry class has begun and you want me to attend it. I see. Oh well, I might as well go and see what’s happening anyway.”

Nolan picked up his bag and made his way to class. As he entered the room, he walked to the table with a single empty chair.

"I'm sorry guys. Normally there would I would ask you to take a seat but as you can see there's no space" Nolan said as he spoke to the air.

Fluttershy and Gorgon both nodded in unison and disappeared. Nolan took his seat next to a girl.

What's her name again? Umm, it's Kyo? Or Pya? Maybe Koa? I'm sure it uses those letters.

Nolan took his book out and thought to himself. He was thinking of writing a new fic.

What should it be...How about... Me and Twilight? I wonder how PG this would be... I'll just make it up as I go.

Nolan pulled his mechanical pencil out and began to write out his plan for the fic.

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Jillian walked to her locker to get her books and check her makeup.

Emma followed her.

"Hey, Jilly.."


Jillian looked at Emma out of the corner of her eye as she put some more lipgloss on.

"I- I have to tell you something. I'm um. I'm pregnant."

Jillian stopped mid-makeup.


"You heard me.."

"What the fuck dude?"


"I mean. Um. Wow, Emma. I didn't even know that you were sexually active."

"It's Caleb's."


"And what?"

"And, have you told him?"


"Well, go tell him."

"No, I can't. He'll leave me."

"If he does, he's a loser."

"Please, don't tell anyone!!"

The bell rang, signaling that they were late for class.

Jillian sighed, finished her makeup and closed her locker.

"I won't. What do you think I am, the town gossip?"

Emma smiled and walked away.

Jillian laughed to herself.

I wonder what her parents would do if....

Jillian pulled her phone out and dialed Emma's number.

"Hello, this is the Smith's residence."

"Hello, is this Emma?"

"No, this is her mother, may I help you?"

"Oh yes ma'am. We have Emma's test results back. She's pregnant."


"Have a good day, ma'am."

Jillian hung up and laughed.

There goes Emma's reputation!

She smiled to herself and hummed a tune.

Her phone vibrated.

That was a horrible thing you did to your "best friend".
You'll soon know what it's like to be outed.
Don't expect any care from me, since you care for no one.
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Jake continued to class, the insults from Jillian still ringing in his head. <Like I figured, snoody, uptight, self-centered, and rude> he thought to himself. But he didn't care, he was who he was and that was good enough to him. He walked to his class, honors biology. He almost groaned out loud when he remembered Jillian took this class as well.

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Jillian hurried to her next class, which was honors biology.

She sat down in her usual seat- the front and center one.

The last and final bell rang, and class began.

Jillian took her notes, and kept smiling to herself, thinking about what was happening to Emma right now was beyond hilarious.

"Miss Monroe?"

Jillian jumped.

"Yes, Ma'am?"

"Would you care to come up here and write the correct answer on the board?"

Jillian smiled and nodded.

She went up to the board and quickly answered the question, then sat down and smiled smugly.

"Um. Jillian? That is not correct."

Jillian's smile slipped from her face.


"That's not the correct answer. Are you feeling okay?"

Jillian nodded slowly.

She blinked a few times.

Wrong?! She was NEVER wrong!

"I-I do feel a bit dizzy, ma'am."

"Oh honey, do you need to go get a drink?"

"Yes please."

Jillian grabbed the hall pass and went out to get a drink.

"Jake, would you care to answer the question?" The teacher asked.

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Kya shrunk in her seat as she saw the teacher was calling for people to write on the board. 'not me not me not me not me...' she thought, trying to will the teacher to look away from her.

"Kya! Please come up here and awnser the question for problem 12." The teacher called. Kya's heartbeat sped up, as she shakily muttered and okay. As she finished the problem she slunk back to her seat, her face red.

"Well done! Correct, Kya!" The teacher called to her. Kya let out a sigh of relief, as she saw her regular tormentors scowl and mutter damnits and swears. 'Safe for another day... I hope...' she thought as the bell for the next period rang.

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"Jake, would you care to answer the question?" said the teacher. Jake nodded and stood up to read the question:


'what is the name of a biological area that consists of only biological factors?'


Jake thought a moment and wrote his answer:




"Correct Jake well done" said the teacher, nodding and smiling at Jake who smiled back and went back to his seat. <Heh, bet Jill is gonna flip> he thought to himself.

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Jillian came back into the classroom to see that Jake had answered the question correctly.

She put on a fake smile.

"Well. Good job, Jake." She said his name with venom.

Jillian was having a hard time staying calm.

She would not be embarrassed by the giant.



She slammed her hand down on her desk, and it made a loud echo through the silent class.

Everyone turned to look at her.


She said lightly and laughed.


Everyone went back to their work, but now her face was red with not only anger, but embarrassment too.

Damn that giant.

She would get him back.

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<yep, absolutely flip> he thought to himself as he went back to his seat. The class continued on and Jake spent the class writing down the notes that the teacher was showing. He liked biology, especially since he was wanting to be a large animal veterinarian, so he always made sure to do well, in more than just this class.

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Jillian threw a note at Jake, and turned back to her notes.

It was quickly written, but still had flawless hand writing


So, you think you're smart, huh?

Don't get too cocky, giant.

I'm still the best, and don't even try to show me up ever again,



The bell rang and Jillian quickly walked up to the teacher.

"Hi, Ma'am. I want to apologize for not getting the answer right earlier. I got sick, and I think it's messing with my head. I know the answer, it's Biosphere. I'm really sorry. I'm so embarrassed!"

The teacher beamed at Jillian and patted her hand.

"It's okay, Jillian. Everyone gets sick sometimes. I know you know the answer."

Jillian smiled widely and nodded, then turned to glare at Jake.

"Thank you ma'am."

She turned and flipped her hair, then walked out.

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Jake rolled his eyes at the note, unfazed by the threat it showed on there. <Whatever> he thought as he gathered his things and walked out. His next class was P.E., and their subject was track and field events. The teacher had asked him to demonstrate how to throw a discus and shotput, as they were his top events.

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Jillian hurried to her next class, which, thank GOD, she did not have with Jake.

But she did have with that weirdo, Nolan.

She tried to sit as far as possible away from him, because he was just soo... odd.

Emma also had P.E, and when she got there, her eyes were red and bloodshot.

She kept sniffling every five seconds.

Someone had called her mom and told her about the pregnancy test.

But who?

Emma's life was totally ruined now, and she was dreading going home.

Her spot in the gym was next to Jake, and she waved sadly to him.

They got along fine, as long as Jillian wasn't around.

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Nolan was still writing his plan out for his shipfic when the bell had rung. He packed his books into his bag had began walking to Physics, in A11. Picking up his things he left for his next class. When he arrived, he noticed that there were only three seats left. All in the same row.

"Well look at that guys, we can all shit together now. I'm sorry if this class will bore you though, I know physics isn't your thing Fluttershy and I'm sorry about this as well Gordon, you're probably more interested in finding the Higgs Boson than learning about renewable energy.."

As he was talking he took his seat next to a girl. He motioned for Fluttershy and Gordon to take their seats as well.


"You can't sit here. Jillian sits here."

"Yes. I'm aware that this is her usual position."

"Well, can you like get out of that seat of something?"

"I cannot. As you can clearly see, Fluttershy and Gordon are next to me."

"What's going on?" Asked another girl.

"Oh the weirdo's being weird again." She looked at Nolan again. "There's no one there. Stop acting so strange Nolan."

"You shouldn't be so rude to people, just because they don't fit within your range of what's normal doesn't mean they aren't." Squeaked Fluttershy, nervously. Gordon nodded.

"Thanks Fluttershy." Nolan proceeded to hug the air, quite precisely, his arms wrapping around what could be the size of a pony's neck."

Fluttershy squealed and ran off.

"That's unfortunate. Well Gordon, you better catch her and make sure she's safe. The people in this school aren't the nicest lot."

Gordon nodded and left the room.

"Who the hell is Fluttershy and Gordon?"

"A pony and a Theoretical Physicist."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

I hate girls who do that. Pretending they don't know someone. Oh well, what can you do?

Nolan proceeded to ignore the girls and continued to write his shipfic.



[ Fun Fact: The Shipfics are getting pretty detailed. Like really really detailed ;) ]

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Emma shook her head, tearing up.

"Someone called my mom and told her something I didn't want anyone else to know, yet.."



Jillian came into the class to see that weirdo Nolan in her seat.

"Uh, yo. Weird kid. You're in my seat."

Nolan ignored her.

"I said, you're in my seat!"

Jillian put a hand on her hip and glared down at him.

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