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Jillian looked at her skeptically.

"I didn't mean to hurt you before.. And no offense, but by the looks of things, you couldn't pay me..."

She smiled sadly.

"Is this where you live?"

Miku walked up to Kya and licked her- then looked up at her with his cute puppy eyes.

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Kya nodded, and smiled at Miku. The smile faded nearly instantly as she stared at the ground, tracing little figures.

"I thought you wanted to make my life miserable. Isn't that your dream? I'm sorry for being rude and all, but I'm just trying to figure out the logic of this situation. Ah! Garu, I thought you were inside!" she muttered and picked up the small red ferret, scratching his head absently as her eyes drifted to Jillian.

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Jillian squealed in delight.

"Ah, he's so cute!"

She smiled brightly and went to touch him-

"Um, can I pet him?" She asked.

Miku sniffed Garu suspiciously, and then decided he liked him. Giving him a lick, Miku wagged his tail.

"And, I- I'm sorry for being so rude.. I don't want to be like that..."

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Kya blinked at her.

"Uhh... Sure...?"

Kya looked slightly relieved, but also confused.

"But... At school... and... all the... What?" she stuttered, trying to figure everything out.

Garu jumped from Kya's shoulder and landed on Jillian's. He curled up and nuzzled his head against her.

"Good boy Garu." Kya said softly.

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She's being... nice... Maybe she isn't that bad... No... Wait and see Kya I bet she'll turn on you.... Thought Kya, emotions battling.

"F-Feel free to stop by a-any time... You know where I am..." she said quietly, looking embarrassed and ashamed.

Garu continued to bask in the attention Jillian was giving him.

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