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Re-watching Equestria girls Legend of Everfree and I realised that Filthy Rich is a billionaire with black hair and blue eyes who acts like the tough businessman but if you watch MLP you know he is a nice guy. And he is up against a woman who gains powers over plants and vines who is so oblivious a Poison Ivy rip off. This made me conclude that Filthy Rich is Equestrian Batman. (which would make Diamond Tiara Damian Wayne and Spoiled Rich Talia Al Ghul)59418fdd89e14_EquestragirlsBatman.thumb.JPG.7287b709c596dff40b508d001987b74e.JPG

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Haha! Nice!! I actually just watched (well, part way through) Legend of Everfree earlier!

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Nice drawing! And Gloriosa is totally Poison Ivy, even in her non-corrupted form. O_o Awesome! Cool theory. :ooh:





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