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Cosplay Ideas for Anypony

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I cosplay.  I know others cosplay as well.  I am a very skilled seamstress, while others who want to cosplay have varying levels of sewing skills, or even none at all.  I have my preferred pony, but I always see things that could work for this cosplay or that cosplay.  I figured, why not just post it up on a thread.  If I find a sewing pattern, piece of clothing, online tutorial, I will post it here.  I invite anyone and everyone else to do the same.  I will start with a very simple, but pretty dress that with a little bit of frills added would make a lovely Fluttershy Grand Galloping Gala dress.


It can be bought at

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I am currently making my own Pinkie Pie Grand Galloping Gala cosplay. The pattern I am using for the base skirt is this:


I bought the pattern from  

Here is a direct link:

The skirt is an early Victorian era style skirt and requires a hoop skirt to look right when worn.  Hoop skirt patterns are on the same site, the pattern actually reccomends which ones to use.  The pattern is a pretty advanced pattern.  

I also made these charm from sculpy:20170515_114301-1.thumb.jpg.c9c119c1117cd70aafd39fc23b564ab5.jpg

I plan to sew the balloon ones onto the bows around the skirt of the dress to represent Pinkie Pie's cutie mark. The yellow "candy" buttons are for the center of the bows on the top and hat, the rest I'm going to use for charms for jewellery.  When I make the hat, I am going to do a step by step tutorial.  

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If you ever need anything small I have a 3d printer and a mill system I can make all sorts of things.

Also your dress reminded me of this:


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Okay, I have been offline for a bit, preparing for Ciderfest. Here's pics of my Grand Galloping Gala Cosplay. I have my application in for Kid's Programming for Whinny City, and I am planning on adding Moustache Pinkie, Chicken Pie, Roller Disco Pinkie, and Pinkie's blue Gala dress to my cosplay list.  The kids really loved my Over a Barrel cosplay, and I really want to step up my game for them.




A great place for tights of any color that are great for any cosplay:

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