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Applejack Fan Art


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Applejack Travesty!! No Hat!!!


Besides the no hat and missing left eyelashes, this is very well done. What program did you use?


I decided to leave the hat out because it was frustrating me. :P

I used GIMP to do it up.

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I noticed a lot of you were saying how her right eye looked kinda funny so I thought I'd fix it.




Better but still not fixed. I'm not an artist by an stretch of the imagine, but do you think it would work better if we could see some of the white of her eye on the right side of her right eye. That way the eyes might look more like they're both aimed at the same place.


Then again, a derpy Applejack isn't a bad idea. Maybe I'll make a fan fic about it.


Any idea which pony you're gonna draw next? I vote Pinkie.

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