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Edgard looked a bit baffled at Celestia's sudden gift, he didn't expect her to give him something so valuable.

"I.. um..  Thank you for this, though do you really want me to have this? I know I saved your life, but usually, we don't really expect anything back from it, we all help each other to survive." Edgard said as he was a bit at a loss for words.  "Well, it is a wonderful gift, I will treat it with good care, my daughter would be extremely happy to get this once she has been born, I will be sure to give her regards to you." He said as a smile grew on his face.

"We had yet to decide a name for her, but looking at this knife and its design, I know a good name for her now... Elaine, which means *Shining Light*.  Edgard said with a smile, he then started to say a verse that he had come up with   *An echo of the stars glances in the night while the sunshine gazes over the day, both smiling upon the Starchild with fortune, an aurora of colours, filled with every encompassed emotion that we can let out as we breathe in the air that we so favour. The essence of the 3 forms a combined being, the Starchild of Aurora, that name will be whispered as Shining Light is welcomed to the place of the living.*"  He said. "How did that sound? I had come up with it just now." He asked everyone.


"It is difficult to say, Evelyn, I don't know for sure. When I can walk again, that might depend on how fast I will heal, that bullet had damaged my ribcage, and I think my hipbones are having trouble supporting me. Because I can remember back in that town I had been fighting in that town, despite this big injury, I could do everything fine, or so I believed at first, what was truly the case was that the virus was masking all of the pain, even my brain couldn't register what was happening to me." Jack said "From what I can assume, I had that injury the moment I had been shot, and while doing all that fighting, I was constantly damaging my entire body. If I hadn't fought after I had been shot, I could actually still walk relatively fast again and would have health up faster, but the damage now is... Pretty severe, I think that is my conclusion." Jack said with regret.

"Every time I try to stand, I feel a massive pain in my hips, and trying to keep standing tires me out very fast as I currently am,  whether it might heal in time or it will be permanent, I am not sure, all I know is that I screwed up big time with realising it at first....." Jack said as he looked down

"Perhaps... Given enough time and perhaps therapy to relearn to move those hip muscles once they are healed up I think I could walk, but I am not sure about other parts of my body, let alone how this virus situation will end up, because heck, for all we know the virus might actually halt at some point because something in my body might interfere with it."

"And at the same time, I don't really know the differences between the physically of Children and Adults, I am technically 13, but i still have the body of a 10-year-old, so things might be a bit more difficult then I hoped they be... All i can say is that i will need all the help that i can get." He admitted.

"So i don't really know how i can reassure you, i don't even know the full extend of my own recovery other then what i can feel right now." he said with a sad look in his eyes

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Celestia smiled "How wonderful! I'm glad for you and Shining Light. And Please, the knife is something I have no use for. You have already found more use for it then what I have been using it for." She clipped hre halberd to her armor again and took a deep breath.

Luna smiled widely "She's not kidding that was amazing! I can't belive you can come up with something like that on the fly!" It was obvious that the fact he just came up with it was more impressive to her than the actual poem but she was amazed none the less.


Evelyn sighed loudly "Well... That sucks... I'm sorry about all that, It was purely since I wasn't there that it all went downhill. Now you can't leave my sight, even if you wanted to... But I never asked I think... Why on earth were you and Festus doing in that town in the first place?" Evelyn asked, with a subtle hint of being angry but she didn't really want to be.

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