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A Pokemon Rarity

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A Pokemon Rarity

It was a bright and sunny day in Equestria with the birds singing. A white pony unicorn was going for a walk to try out her new sun hat. On her back she wore a brown dress with sapphire ends. She imagined the sun bask in her brightness.

This was how Rarity saw herself as she was walking in the bright, blue skied, clear day.
But now she wasn’t walking in a bright, blue skied, clear day anymore. The day had suddenly turned dark and shimmering with purple lights and novas. What was happening?

Rarity screamed. But her screams seemed to disappear into a vacuum. Suddenly she found herself in the woods again. But this wasn’t Equestria anymore. Oh no. Rarity with her artistic attention to detail could tell that immediately. But where was she? And how did she get here.

There was a sound of cracking twigs in the bushes.
”Got cha!”
Suddenly there was a blur of a round white and red object. Rarity felt a thump in the head and suddenly she was disappearing into an unknown void again. She had lost track if she was confused or sleeping at this point

Jared didn’t know if he could ever breathe again. His heart was thumping violently.
”I can’t believe it. I have finally captured my FIRST POKEMON!”
Brock, standing beside Jared, was completely dumbstruck.
'He actually caught one!' He thought to himself. This was immediately followed by 'Oh no!'

Ever since Brock so foolishly had revealed that he was a Pokemon trainer to this dumb wit he had followed him for days. He had then made an even greater mistake by giving him an empty pokeball, thinking that would satisfy him. Now he saw the fruit of his own actions grow a life of its own, like the growing mold on a three weeks old cake

But what was that Pokemon? Could it have been a Ponyta? No it couldn’t, Ponyta is a fire Pokemon. This Pokemon had been brown and blue. Or had it been a clothing of some sort? And had it been wearing a hat? A Pokemon with clothes? Brock reached for his Poke deck. The device answered with a question mark.
”Unknown species”
Jared gave out a loud ”Hurray” as waves of saliva was flying through the air

Rarity found herself in a white and red space. She couldn't feel the ground. She felt as if she was floating. She felt calm and peaceful. How was this possible? Was she dead? This thought alone should have made her horrified. But she felt strangely calm. She wasn’t worried and she wasn’t hungry, something she remembered herself to be a little while before.
”If this is death then i’ll stay here forever” She thought to herself. She felt herself go to sleep.

There was a sudden twitch in Rarity’s head.
Twilight… Apple Jack… Rainbow Dash… Pinkie Pie… Fluttershy…
My friends. They miss me! Rarity was sound awake. Panic was filling her every bone. Her horn was glowing violently

Jared’s pokeball was now shacking uncontrollably.
”Drop it! Get away from it!” Brock screamed.
The ball opened in a flash and suddenly Rarity was back in the strange forrest again. Jared, the self proclaimed trainer yet to have receive his first pokemon from the professor, felt the joy drop down to his feet.
”No. She’s mine!”
In a flash he grabbed the pokeball again. Rarity turned around and barely where able to take a look at the two strange pine legged creature’s before Jared flung the pokeball at her again. Jared stared in disbelief as the pokeball had suddenly stopped and was floating mid air.
”Thats no way to treat a lady.” Rarity declared, letting her need for etiquette go before her curiosity as she used her magic to hold the strange white and red ball.
Brock had only seen one talking Pokemon in his days. And that had been a Meowth. But what kind of a pokemon was this?

"Oh no, she’s a psychic!” Jared stated, remembering the pokemon type from the class sessions in school
”I beg your pardon!?” Rarity exclaimed, secretly worried that she might actually be a psycho giving these latest events.
”I’m a pony unicorn darling. But tell me, what… who are you?”
Brock was in awe. He thought he had known about all legendary pokemons. But this had to be a REALY rare one if he with his experience had never heard of it.
"Hi. Im Brock."
"And i'm Rarity. Nice to meet you. Now, pardon me for asking. But why is this fellow here throwing this ornament here at me?"
Rarity was afraid to mention her visit to the voids in fear of being thought of as insane.
"Thats really no way to treat a lady." She added.

Brocks excitement only grew
'She has never encountered a trainer!' he thought. This had to be a completely undiscovered species of pokemon.
"He didn't mean anything bad. He was just trying to capture you." Brock said without thinking.
"Capture me?!" She exclaimed. "And thats 'not meaning' anything bad!?" Rarity was now angry
"What a lovely hat you have!" Said Brock trying to save the situation.
"Oh, thank you my dear" said Rarity flattered completely forgetting her anger.
"Pardon me for asking my lady. But what kind of Pokemon are you?" Brock asked
"Pokewhatta?" Rarity blurted out.
Brock weren’t able to repeat the question before there was a shout from the forrest

"Peanut head!”
Jared shuddered as the mean nickname the bullies from school called him was echoing the forest. A older boy and pokemon trainer named Hans now stood not far from Brock and Jared. Jared had picked up the pokeball Rarity had dropped to the ground. Hans looked at Jared and then the pokeball
”So, you’re a pokemon trainer now huh Peanut Head? Is that your Pokemon? That white ponyta? Where’s the fire?” Hans said disparagingly
Jared could barely move his lips. But where still able to speak
”I…i…i caught it…” he wasn’t able to continue
”Of course you did Peanut Head. Thats what you do with pokemons. You capture them. Stop being so pathetic Peanut Head!”
Rarity couldn’t believe the rudeness of this character. She wanted to scream out at him but was to shocked to react.
Jared continued
”I…i caught it. But it broke out of the pokeball” He said quietly
”Well then you didn’t capture it stupid!”
Brock broke in.
”Leave him alone Hans”

Hans backed away when faced with the seasoned trainer.
But as he backed away from Jared and Brock his eyes turned toward Rarity. Raritys anger had now turned to fear. Her ears hanged at the side of her head. She still couldn’t move.
”But if she broke free. That means she’s still up for grabs! Stand back and let a professional show you how it’s done!”
”No Hans!” Brock exclaimed
But Hans had already pulled out a pokeball. Brock reached for his own, but there was no pokeballs in his pockets. He had forgot them at the gym! Brock cursed himself.
”Before you throw a empty ball at a pokemon you first have to weaken it” Hans lectured
At the phrase ”weaken it” Raritys fear turned to pure horror. Her eyes where pure black and her legs where shaking. She wanted to run but found herself paralyzed.
”Bulbasaur, i chose you!”

Rarity watched as Hans threw the pokeball into the air and in a white flash a tortoise like creature with long constantly moving wines where standing before her.
”Bulbasaur! Use razor leaves!” Hans screamed
Leaf like objects where now hurling toward Rarity though she didn’t know what they where. There was sound of cutting fabric. Rarity felt pain in her legs and her neck. She screamed and fell backwards to the ground. Her eyes was filling up with tears. She tried to crawl away
”Hans! Don’t do this. Cant you see it doesn’t want to fight!”
Brock exclaimed, ashamed trying to forget all the times he himself had caught pokemons that had tried to run away.
Hans sensed Brocks inner conflict
”This isn’t personal, and you know it.” Hans shouted back as he was reaching for an empty pokeball.

Jared was just sitting under a tree and watching. Shame filled his chest. ’My name is Peanut Head’ he monologued. ’And i’m not a pokemon trainer. And i will never be a pokemon trainer’. He fell into silence. But in that silence a new realization came. ’But SHE. She is Rarity. And her beauty is a pure rarity’. Anger filled Jared. ’And Hans doesn’t deserve her. Not for a mile!’
Hans had thrown the pokeball. With a sudden hand movement Jared swiped the pokeball mid air. It fell into nearby bushes.
”Heh… What are you doing? Thats MY POKEMON!” Hans exclaimed.
”No she isn’t.” Jared answered as he shielded Rarity.
Hans felt cornered. For the first time he saw a firmness in this little boys eyes. He wanted to give in and congratulate him for standing up for himself and someone else for once in his life. But his pride got the better of him. He felt like he wanted to cry as he spoke the coming words
”Bulbasaur. Razor leaves, again!”

Jared closed his eyes, ready for the cutting pain on his skin. But there was none. He opened his eyes and stared in disbelief as he was surrounded by a blue sphere. The leafs evaporated into dust as they tried to cut through it. Behind him Raritys horn was sparking fiercely. She stood up.
”Again Bulbasaur!” Hans repeated
Jared suddenly disappeared and reappeared under the tree again. He thought he would faint but then guessed that it must have been a part of her powers. Rarity didn’t even know how she had remembered the teleportation spell Twilight had half mentioned to her long ago. But she didn’t think about it. Instead she blocked half of Bulbasaurs razor leafs, captured the other half mid air and flung it back at Bulbasaur.
”Oh no, Bulbasaur, use your wines!”

Bulbasaur wiped away some of the returning leafs but staggered as one hit him in the leg.
”Bulbasaur, finish her with your wines, now!”
Bulbasaur’s wines hurled toward Rarity but they never hit their goal. In a flash she disappeared and reappeared just a couple of feet from the right side of Bulbasaur. Hans was dumbstruck. His knees started shaking. ’What kind of pokemon is this?!’
Rarity leaned her head forward. She roared as a bright beam of light streamed from her horn and hit bulbasaur at his flank. Bulbasaur flied far across the grassy meadow and hit a tree. There Bulbasaur passed out. Rarity now turned to Hans, her horn still glowing. Raritys skin had started to turn black. Her eyes where pure predator. She started floating mid air towering over Hans. Hans fell down to his knees
”No. No! Please! Forgive me! Please. Don’t hurt me!”

Raritys then looked with her eyes staring dreamily into nothing. She remembered all the times she had said those words to others. Because they had threatened her and she wanted them to be nice to her. But now they was directed to her. HER!
”What have i become?” She muttered to herself. She then remembered her friends again. ’Twilight… Applejack… Rainbow Dash… Fluttershy… Pinkie Pie…’ Her skin was almost pure black now, like a nightmare night.
Raritys skin started turning white again. Her eyes glimmered sadly like a water surface against the sun. She floated gently to the ground. Her now cloth less white skin and blue eyes and hair where glittering agains the summer enforced daylight
She looked at Hans who was now staring at her in wonder.
’What a beautiful creature’. The realization then tore into him. ’I don’t deserve her. Im glad she beat me’. Hans felt more happy and, despite all that has happened, proud than he had ever felt before.

Raritys cutie mark was blinking as fiercely as the element of generosity inside her.
”Are you alright sir? Im sorry if i scared you. Im not sure what happened”
”You’re sorry?” Hans sobbed. He started crying, tears of joy as well as sadness.

Rarity spent the night with Jared, Brock and Hans. They told her all about the pokemon world and how trainers captured them to battle each other. When Rarity had displayed disgust over this they had filled her in on the important bond that the pokemon and trainer shared and how that was more important than anything else. Jared and Hans had become best friends. They decided they would travel johto region together as buddy trainers. Rarity had then told them about Equestria and how she was a unicorn but there also was pegasi and earth ponies. She had also told them about princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

’My friends’… Rarity thought to herself. Will i ever see them again? Rarity wondered this as she saddened fell asleep underneath the johto sky.
There was a Spark. Rarity opened her eyes. There was another Sparkle. But this wasn’t that kind of Sparkle.
”Twilight!” Rarity exclaimed, not realizing yet that she where back in equestria.
”Rarity!” Twilight shouted. Following her where Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. They all hugged each other
”Oh, iv’e missed you girls!” Rarity said
”We have all missed each other.” Twilight said
”Whatever do you mean?” Rarity said confused
There was a long shadow.
”Discord?” Rarity said wonderingly
”Yes. Im afraid this was all my fault” He was clearly in regret. ”Me and my stupid alter ego tried to re arrange the cosmos but instead opened a dimensional wormhole sucking you all inside.”

This was indeed true. Discord have had to find all the ponies and creatures of equestria scattered across all possible dimensions. As powerful as Discord was, this had been a challenge even for him. He had found Twilight having a discussion with ”The Last unicorn” making her not really the last unicorn. Discord had then taken Twilight back, making her the last unicorn again. Applejack had helped Clint Eastwood, making herself a hoof-full of dollars. Rainbow Dash had been fighting orcs alongside draws in middle earth, she had been most reluctant to leave. Fluttershy had been doing The Stare to a Lizard monster while Spiderman was lying wounded at the side. And finally Pinkie Pie had been playing the Game Of Thrones board game with Peter Dinklage, who had ”Just loved” her cupcakes. Pinkie Pie had seen through his flattering attempts though. ”She’s good!” He had thought to himself.

Raritys heart was at peace. Finally she knew for certain that, even across dimensions, their friendship would always last and she would never realy be alone

/ MB

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