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Hello there! I need help finding a song that I frequented in my BronyTunes music app. So here's the deal - I don't actually know the name of the song or song producer (because my memory is terrible). 
I'll get straight to the point here but scroll down if you want my pitiful and frankly unrelatable story.
Now here is the upside to all of this: I can still help narrow down the search (assuming anyone is willing to help). 
Here are a few factors to look at
- The genre of the song is ambient or alternative, featuring guitar, a flurry of other instruments, and pleasant mellow tunes 
- There is absolutely no vocals or lyrics in song at all (I have nothing against lyrical music) Just the voices of beautiful and elegantly instruments 
- I vaguely remember the song lasting 8-10 minutes. Definitely no less 
- The theme is sympathetic to Luna and her struggle in having to banish Luna whilst Luna, in the moment of being banned, experiencing a small light of clarity in the midst of her Nightmare Moon madness, also feels empathetic toward her sister in having to banish her at all
- There is a list of songs similar to this theme currently here. It might actually be in this very, very long list 
- If anyone or myself does, by a miracle, happen to find the song and suggest it to me, I will recognize it! I love the music too much to not dismiss its melody! It isn't possible!
- While I can't say that this lovely picture was made for this song, this one picture that I actually remember was the cover of the song whenever I did listen to it. Although the cover may have possibly and sadly changed by now. Hopefully not! 
My pitiful story: 
I was an idiot to say it plainly. I got a new phone and didn't back the data up in my computer to able to keep the music from my old phone because it broke. I've remembered some of the many songs I've listened to, but for whatever reason, this particular song struck my heart and then I forgot it... This is why I've come to you, my fellow bronies and pegasisters for help! I will not judge those who choose not to assist me, but I will deeply gratify my appreciation to anyone willing to help; furthermore, for future reference, I would like to say thanks to anyone spending their time to find a seemingly random song for an anonymous new person in the forums. Forgive me if I seem quite weird, I'm new here and I'm not familiar with any of the norm. (While I am a part of this great community, I never considered actually partaking in any of its activities until now, because I really want to listen to that song :P As an introvert my BronyTunes music is very important to me). 
To finalize it all, because it makes sense in my brain, though I truly mean it, I wish you all who read this an excellent day/night! 
In Game Name:
Server Name :
Offense Banned for:
Staff member who banned you:
Dispute Reason:
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Moving it to Recommendations, taking into account that Fan Music's purpose is solely to share the users' own musical creations.

Have a lovely day now.

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Thank you Winter Rose! That's the song! You made it finding it seem so easy that I'm not sure if I was being lazy or inadequate or if you were just being awesome! Despite the fact that you found it right away, I did spend much time and effort when I was looking for it myself. I am so grateful to you! If there is anyway I can return the favor, I will. 

You have a lovely day too Shadow Beam! 

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Glad to help you. Yeah, I've spent a lot of time in the music side of the fandom and your description narrowed it down pretty well :)

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It may be too excessive, but thank you again. I'm glad to have narrowed it down for you, ultimately for me, but you get my point. I'll remember your name the next time I see you in any of these forums! :D 

I'm still getting the hang of these emotes though.. 

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