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Would you say that the mane six have favorites within each other? Like one pony likes another pony more than the others? Example: rainbow dash likes pinkie pie better than applejack, twilight, rarity, and fluttershy? Or is there any evidence of favorites?

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Maybe to some degree, at least as far as certain dynamics affecting how they relate come into play. Rainbow seems to be more protective of Fluttershy than the others. It could seem that way because Flutters needs protecting sometimes and Rainbow is the type that would provide it, but the other ponies don't seem as emotionally invested in that regard. There are also personality clashes like Rarity and Applejack, and while that may not affect their friendship as a rule, it may affect how enthusiastic they may be about hanging out together. I'd say the levels of friendship among the Mane 6 are relatively uniform, like the way one loves one's family. But, like all people, their interests may dictate to some degree how well they get along, which may make it look like they favor one over another, even if they don't. I get along with some family members more than others but I love them all equally. I think the same must apply to the ponies.     

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