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collaboration Offering help with editing videos

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Nothing much to say really. If you have an idea for some music video containing many stuff and some of them somewhat edited like for a fan trailer or something similar where you need interconnection from many clips, or sound effects or subtitles or any of that, I think I can do most of it.

Just tell me what you want me to get done and I will do it in my free time and send you the video via PM. I don't ask for anything in return, I'm just bored and enjoy doing this.

Here are some samples I made:



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Hello @Ando333

Taking into account that you are offering assistance on the development of other users' projects instead independent work of your own, I believe it would be more suitable for Stardom's Creative Resources, so to be located within a section with the sole purpose of aiding creators of video content.

Furthermore, the proper tag of 'collaboration' will be added beside the title.

Have a lovely day now!

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