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Searching for a secondary writer for my story

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Okay so I've been writing a story that's centred around my theory of MLP and because of school I've been running out of time to work on it. Plus I've had quite a bit of experience in writing because of how much I've been RPing on the forums. So basically because I simply don't have much time to work on the story because of school you'll probably write up most of the story while I'll come up with the main key events. Plus obviously you'll be featured in the story credits and you may feel free to add your OCs into the storyline if you wish! Plus I'm planning to enter the story into the Poniverse summerplaooza competition and if this is a winning entry I'll make sure to have you somehow featured in the commission I request for the cover image of the story! Like most likely it will be your OC. :)


The theory:



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