Technical Issues Cannot Create Threads in The Feedback Area

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Hello everypony! :) 


I wanted to create a thread in the Feedback Section, but I seem to have a problem with that.

When I'll click the 'Start new topic' button, I'm getting the following error:


Sorry, there is a problem
Something went wrong. Please try again.
Error code: EX0

and I'm redirected to:

where it should be:


And basically that's it. I can't do anything. :twi: 

...Unless you want me to create a feedback thread in Welcoming Plaza. :muffins: 

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It's not just the feedback area , An hour or so ago , I had the same problem with the Debate Pit

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I *think* this has been fixed. It's been popping up all over the forums, like in the RP areas and the like.

Basically, in the previous version of the forums we had an add-in that allowed certain sub-forums to have a special Terms of Service notice. A thing you had to acknowledge to be allowed to post new threads in that section, something like 'Yes, this is the Debate Pit, but that doesn't mean the rules against personal attacks doesn't apply here.' kind of thing. When we move to IP.B 4.0, a lot of the add-ins stopped working. Feld0 just recently re-installed new 4.0 versions of some of those add-ins, including this 'New Topic Rules' one. Problem being, it seems to have gone bonkers in this new version. It lost the text of any of the specialty ToS's, and started popping that EX0 error instead on any of the sub-forums that used to have specialty ToS's.

Once people started reporting this issue, Feld0 found out what it was and disabled the add-on in some of the sub-forums where the issue was first reported (the RP World area). I *just* finished grinding through the entire forum and turning it off everywhere.

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It has been fixed, at least regarding my case, thanks. :) 

Ah that v4 downgrade upgrade... :derp:

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