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Adventure [Spoilers] FoE: Conquest--Need Help

Fallout Equestria: Conquest decision polls  

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  1. 1. Should Kronos...

    • Spare the Mechanist
    • Kill the Mechanist
  2. 2. Should Kronos...

    • Kill the Raider gangs of Sparkle World
    • Become the new Overboss of Equestria
  3. 3. Should Kronos...

    • Give Bilgewater Bog to the Brotherhood of Steel
    • Give Bilgewater Bog to the Institute
    • Give Bilgewater Bog to the Children of Atom
    • Give Bilgewater Bog to the citizens of Neighvana
    • Destroy Neighvana
    • Destroy the Center of Enlightenment (Children of Atom homeworld in Bilgewater Bog)
    • Commit mass genocide in Bilgewater Bog

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Im making a new FoE fan fiction that's based off of Fallout 4 and its associated campaign DLC, and I'm allowing YOU GUYS to make the major decisions Kronos makes in the story. However, here's the catch: your choices will affect how Kronos interact with some major characters I'll be adding to the story, similarly to how the events take place in Fallout 4, but with its own unique twists. So, let's get to it and vote away. Kronos' choices and the fates of these places and the characters in them are up to you guys. 

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