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A good hosting site?

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For the last several years, I've been slowly building a fangame from scratch in Java called Weather Factory Meltdown---it's got an editor that lets you build your own levels, NPCs, and playable characters, and I've been slowly adding features to it for the last few years.  For most of that time, I had it hosted on, but that site has been shut down in the last few months---I can't upload my latest version there!

Does anyone know of another place where I could host a game that's been built in Java?  I'm putting it together as a Runnable JAR File, and it's about 130 MB in size at this point.

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Do you need a website as well?

Many people here would suggest OVH (since Poniverse is hosted there), but I believe they don't offer shared hosting for their Canadian datacenter, plus I think a VPS/dedicated server would be overkill if you're just hosting that and not like, a multiplayer game or something like that. Though if it's a fan-made game (like an MLP game), I would look for a non-US host, perhaps in Canada.

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