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Family reunion. Mornigstar and royal family.

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"May be a problem about What?" I say disappointingly, "I could leave if you want me to.."


"o, no ,no. i want you to keep an secrete, you see i am throwing an surprise party for your aunt , but listen closely i want you and your unit and every royal guard to go find something for me an gem that can't be find even here, i would come but i need to prepare the party, you understand?
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looks at you.

"you fool, we need no gem, i sent my nephew on an wild goose chase , so we can move on with part2 of my plan, I'll destroy this place,

which that every renaming guard was killed in the process, sadly my poor nephew was no were to be find making him the suspect.

"I'll be there for him that's when he get's unexpected memory blank. i use my magic to destroy everything and i look at plox "Think fast.

i faint.

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wakes up,

i tele port us out of here with an note for my nephew.

" Nephew meet me in the evertree forest.


"My nephew see's what happens he'll be looking for me, but don't worry it's all in the plane.

looks at you "get my followers meet my nephew in the evertree forest , ambush him make sure you do not kill him only hold him it'll i get there

with the memory spell.

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"Now then, if everyone was supposedly invited, why wasn't I?" She stands at the entrance, overlooking all of the supposed guests that have come to join in on the "fun". AShe was begining to get angry and, hence, her eyes and markings had begun to make the transition to a red hue rather than her traditional blue coloration. However, it wasn't long before she regained herself and her appearance returned to normal. She began to walk towards the host of the party. She towered over him, saring down with her usual exxpression-less face. She waited for his repsonce.


(I apologise for not warning you first, but I was just so bored, I had to do something....so here I am. And, seeing as your Celestia's sister, I'm your sister aswell. SURPRISE! Though our characters seem to clash a bit...)


(not to be rude or anything, but what level is this roleplay supposedly?)

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