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General Anyone Else Here Have Anxiety Problems?

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Just got back from a doctor’s appointment bout this lol. I have semi social anxiety, enough to warrant therapy and medicine, but I’d like to think I’m lower on the spectrum. 

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6 hours ago, Nerdy Luigi said:

No I'm not. I've given evidence that you do have nefarious intent and you choose to ignore it and instead victimize yourself. It's rather pathetic, actually. Yes, I've "accused" you of lying about your own experiences because there's no way you could think that people with anxiety problems are the way you describe with these "personal experiences." No way I can be made to believe it at least, because, of course, it just makes you sound ridiculous to me.

Hypocrite, you're doing the exact same thing you're accusing me of doing here! You're trying to make yourself a victim when you literally just attacked everyone with an anxiety disorder. It was even a fairly pathetic attempt, that is obviously not working on me and in fact is only making me furious.

I have watched both of them a lot. It doesn't clarify the meaning behind your nonsense whatsoever... It literally doesn't do anything to clarify any of it. In FACT, I've watched Lesson Zero at least ten times now and it makes me no more understand how people with anxiety disorders are "silly" and apparently bad people.

I feel like you should tell yourself that now, because according to your beliefs, you're being "silly." I just try to defend people with anxiety disorders and guess what? You go further on to attack me because you can't stand the fact that you made it sound like an attack on the anxious (proving my "accusation" to be fact).

According to you then, maybe I was wrong in thinking you were lying. Maybe you are suffering from anxiety, according to your logic, because you literally tried to use half of this essay long post as a poor attempt to frame yourself as a victim when you're the one creating the actual victims.

Laughing actually has nothing whatsoever to even do with this discussion and the fact you're trying to use that as a deflection is laughable... You resorted to going completely off-topic to try to make me look bad. I'm astonished by the lengths you take to attack people with anxiety and people that disagree with you in the most passive-aggressive way possible.

Being happy and laughing more often is a very good way to live. There's nothing nefarious about that my friend!

If Lesson Zero is not at parallel to what I (and experts) have been offering as information and advise, and even personal experience, then what does it mean to you?

What is the Lesson behind Lesson Zero? 

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