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It's hard for me to remember to keep it consistent, but I'm lazy. Anyway, I have a few new pictures to share.

First up are a couple of commissions.


Commission for @Arc Flash. Has his OC and the oc of @Lil'Cinnamon that's called Cinnamon Lightning I believe.


Commission for Tel Locus on discord. His Pony oc with the fur-sona of another user called Ysa(foxgirl) on doscord.

Next up are some adoptables I made somewhat recently.


My first ever batch of mystery pony egg adopts. These were fun and I hope to do them again.


Adopts number 1, called Sky, and owned by Ysa(foxgirl) on discord


Adopt 2, Superheat, owned by Tel Locus on discord


Adopt 4, Subcool, also owned by Tel Locus on discord


Adopt 3, Clementine von Opaline, owned by Song Shard on discord




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So, it's been 3 weeks instead of the two, but I do have several pictures to share!

First up art a couple of commissions.


This is one from @Dark Horse, a picture of him in one of those split images with a light and a dark side.


This one is from @treresident, of the Maverick and the Warden from Rainbow 6 Siege, both ponified. The guns were pretty fun to make fit with ponies.

Next up are a couple of pictures I used as payment for an adoptable from deviantart that I have yet to draw but plan to before long. Both are were for a user called Song-Star.


Song-Star's OCs Frosted Mint (left) and an angry Aine  (right)


Song-Star's OC Wild Soul.

Next are the remainder of the radomized ponies from the Randomizer Challenge I ran some months back.


Submitted by @SolarFlare13


Submitted by @Sure Shot


Submitted by @megisawsm417. His name is Yewberry.


Submitted by Clear Vision on discord.

There is one lase thing, It's not quite the same sort of art, but I do have some mlp mystery egg adoptables for sale They're $5.00 each if anyone is interested. All 4 of them are still opened.





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I should try and update this more often, but I do have several picture to share. I'm gonna start sticking them under collapsible spoilers because it gets too large if I have a lot of pictures to share. I'll let you guys know what each one is though.

This first one contains commissions I've gotten recently.



Commissioned by @Arc Flash, his pony saluting the American flag.


Commissioned by Tel Locus on discord, his pony drawn in a more dnd style. I might start doing hooves this way, though I have to consider it first.



Next up are all of the mystery adopts, in addition to a kirin adopt I sold.



This is Meadow Song.


This is Chroma Flare.


This is Vengeance.


This is Night Walker


This is Liana.


Next up are the pokemon fusions I've done so far.



Submitted by @Will Guide, this is a Machu; a Machop and Pikachu fusion.


Submitted by @Lord Valtasar, this is Victreelish, a Victreebel and Frillish fusion.


And last, these are pictures that i did for myself and a friend for a roleplay on a different site.



An alternate version of Sonic the Hedgehog


An alternate version of Amy Rose.

I'll be closing my commissions down on July 29th until August 7th or 8th as i will be going to Florida to visit my boyfriend and his family. Until then though, they're still open for this week, so if you're interested feel free to send me a private message and we can discuss the details of a picture you might like me to draw!

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I'm going on vacation from Monday July 29th until Wednesday August 7th.

Commissions will be closed until I get back.

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It's been a bit long since I posted, but I do have several images to share.

First up are some commissions I've done.



This one was for @Dynamo Pad, who wanted his pony dressed up like Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Acedemia.


This one was for @Dark Horse through discord. He wanted me to draw a sinister shadow Houndoom in the Under Colesseum from Pokemon Colosseum.

The next three were all commissioned by @Arc Flash for a raffle on his discord group Cloudsdale.


The 3rd place prize was a lined full body drawing. This was one by Sherbie, who is apparently a member on the forum, but I don't know their username. This is their pony Sherbert Music-Guard, a pegasus turned kirin for the picture.


The 2nd place prize was a flat color full body picture. This one was for a user called Toxic who wanted their pony doing something scientific, so i went with chemical experimenting.


The 1st place prize was a full color full body picture. It was one by the user King Sombra on the forum, but was given to the user Song Shard. This is their kirin OC of the same name.

Next up are a couple of the pokemobians I got done. Hopefully I can finish the other ones soon.



This is Poryceus-Z, a fusion of Porgon-Z and Arceus, submitted by Song Shard over discord. It's a normal type.


This is Flyvern, a fusion of Flygon and Noivern, submitted by @Dark Horse. It's a Flying/Ground type.

If you're interested in commissioning me, feel free to post here or to send me a PM!

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