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Visual Art Some Legendary Creatures


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Some legendary creatures drawn by me.NOTE:This is my own personal take on them:

This is the Manticore,a beast from persian mythology.He has a humanoid head,a feline body and is sometimes depicted with bat wings,horns,scaly legs and a scorpion tail.He is said to be a ferocious flesh eater that eats anything with his shark-like teeth and to have a melodious roar which he uses to lure his victims.

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This is the chimera from greek mythology.She had a feline body and three heads,one of a lion,the other of a goat,and the last one from a snake in her tail.She could breathe fire and was killed by Belerophont with the help of the winged horse Pegasus

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The Ahuizotl from Aztec mythology.Basically he's a dog-monkey thing that lives in water bodies and has a taste for human flesh,he was greatly feared by our ancestors because of that.He has a hand at the end of his tail too.

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The Bailisk,a creature from heraldic mythology.He is a reptile said to be king of serpents and is capable of petrifying or even killing any living being with his glance.He is greatly afraid of weasels and roosters as they are the only animals that can kill him.I portrayed him as an oversized lizard of the Basiliscus genus

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