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If you could I was wondering if you could offer ideas for a color scheme for a dragon? I have a drawing I'm just having trouble thinking of a color scheme. I was wanting to do something metallic or something with cool colors or maybe both. Black, blue, or purple flames were something I had in mind too.


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On 8/19/2017 at 3:37 AM, Ginger Ale said:

Hello everypony, Ginger Ale here!


I just want to say that, one thing I know in life is helping others. I love helping my friends and family.

So I am opening this thread for you.

If you struggle or seek for a new OC with color and cutie mark ideas, or an entire new pony or griffon, I am willing to help or make an OC for you. I am not an artist at all, however, my friends tell me that I am good at fashion, picking colors and matching them.

I can use basic Pony Maker or Pony.Town pony maker to fulfill your desire.

I will volunteer to complete your request and design them on Pony Makers with matching colors, accessories and designs. You can also trust me and/or request me with some colors you want to include. 

If you need or want help about your OC please do comment here. I would be glad to help or make an OC for you with surprise or wanted colors.

Thanks for reading,



Hello Ginger, I was wondering if you can help me with my oc his design is a struggle I'll post a picture of him

EPSON001.JPG Here's what he looks like

Elsword- Fire Emperor.jpg 

I'm trying to make him look like this but only with the helmet and armor

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Soooo I have this alicorn OC im working on.. but I don’t know what color to make the skin!! Yes, i did use a template (Im not good at drawing ponies... at all unlike my other things I draw.) and the cutie mark DOES have meaning AND its original. Heres my drawing:


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Hello there @Ginger Ale. I'm looking for help to redo my whole Oc Ocean Whiplash. I no longer can use the current reference for her, because I had not realized at the age of 10 that it was someone else. I was wondering if you could help me re make her if possible. 

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