S07:E15 - Triple Threat

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  1. 1. Did you enjoy the episode?

    • Nope. Not enough yak. YAK SMASH PUNY EPISODE!!!!!
    • Nope; needed more deer. >: (
    • It was meh; zebra is fine with that.
    • I liked it! The buffalo would've enjoyed it!

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8 hours ago, Nye said:

I don’t understand how the Cutie Map works anymore. I don’t get why Spike thought Thorax and Ember wouldn’t get along. They had never met, all he needed to do was introduce them and the problem would’ve been solved.

I don't think anyone really understands how the cutie map worked, even BEFORE GlimGlam messed with it. Twice :)

But yeah, Spike is usually the voice of reason, but seems to have been hit with the dumb stick this episode as a plot device. That sucks really...

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Awww Spike's growing up to be just like his mother making lists and going into a panic meltdown when something throws those lists off. Lots of cute/sweet moments all around like Ember thinking the castle decorations were food and then mistakenly trying to apply that lesson to make friends with derpy by smooshing her cupcake against the wall. Poor filly need's a new cake stat.

I think my favorite moment though was the one with Ember trying to convince Twilight and Starlight they look similar and them having nearly identical expressions. If I'd been a pony near that situation in I don't think I'd have been able to keep from saying to them afterwards "You know I ddin't notice it before but she's right you two are nearly idnetical you could be sisters you're even glaring at me the same way."

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